Monday, October 31, 2016

Food Sober Halloween 2016, why and how I abstain from candy this year and every year, yes one bite is a problem

6th Food Sober Halloween 2016, abstaining for the WIN

Okay, It's my 6th food sober Halloween.

If you need to abstain from sugar and grains and other items. Please don't fool yourself. Taking one bite is devastating.

It's not your fault, it's not my fault. It's my responsibility not to ingest my addictive substance.

Being in food addiction is scary from a health and wellness side. This is my 6th year being food sober. I don't miss those mini candy bars.

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Ghosts of Halloween Past: What didn't work
I tried to count points & calories from 1998 to 2010. That's 12 years of sinking deeper and deeper into mini-candy bar sugar addiction.

Active food addiction was devastating to my health, emotionally and physically. It's not my fault, My extra ghrelin gene (hunger hormone) was cranked up and ready to go. I didn't get the right brain/hormone signals.

Counting points kept me binge eating

My  WW Points counting Weight Watchers leader spent a whole meeting writing out and talking out why we SHOULD eat the candy, as long as we tried to outrun our mini-candy bar and measured candy corn crap fest.

It didn't end well for me. Morbid obesity while counting WW point was my low point in my life


Almost getting diabetes, being groomed to eat all the junk food. LORDY.

I escaped. I drew a circle around the normies and I don't go in there anymore.

Ghosts of Halloween Present:

Not everyone in my family has to abstain, so here's how I stay food sober at home

  • I will buy 1 bag of candy on 10-30-2016. 

  • I will have my non-effected family member pass out candy to neighborhood kids (mostly little kids). 

  • I will take any left overs and throw them out after family member takes what she wants, a handful. 

  • I will have non effected family member take anything she brings into the house and place onto a cabinet shelf

Ghosts of Halloween Future: what's going to work for me, if I choose to be food sober

  • I will have a food sober plan this year and every year remaining in my life
  • I will have pants that fit yesterday, today, and in the future
  • I will have good health screenings glucose, weight, insurance discount, colonoscopy, mammography, and blood biomarkers because I manage my weight and reduce my risks to breast, colon cancer , diabetes, and cardiac and stroke. 
How I felt when I moderated and overate Halloween candy

Here's to the wisdom to know if you need to abstain. And, the courage to carry out a food sober Halloween. It's not easy in this hyper-palatable food environment.

Please know, if you are abstaining from junk this Halloween 2016, you are not alone. If you are cycling in food addiction I'm sending you all the courage to break free.

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