Saturday, October 1, 2016

Steering Clear of Processed Pumpkin Junk Food October 2016

Wow, the stores and coffee shops are full of pumpkin processed junk food this year, now more than ever.

It's slick marketing to sell highly processed, high carb, high sugar junk food. Now in ALL seasons.

HEY, if you want to eat pumpkin, think about how your great grandparents would have cooked or used a pumpkin out of the garden 100-150 years ago.

Here's some interesting reading  about pumpkin uses in colonial times.

Okay, maybe they had pie 1 meal at Thanksgiving. Or at meals after working out on the farm all day long. Okay. Other uses would have been soup, roasted, stews, jerky, seeds, etc.

I hope that if you are eating to maintain your health, to lose weight, to maintain weight that you can see past the marketing hype and continue to reach your goals without diving into a sugar and processed carb world of junk food.

Processed, highly palatable pumpkin junk food probably won't assist you in reducing your type 2 diabetes risk, your weight, your joint pain, your health bills or your food addiction. 

I hope my readers are smarter than that. I know you are. :)  Walk around Trader Joes and you'll see what I mean. Ugh.

I put some cinnamon in my coffee today. Boom y'all, it's fall. LOL ;)

What you can do yourself

A. Please, I beg of you, if you are baking pumpkin junk food and passing it out to your already sick friends, family, and co-workers, please consider celebrating the season with non-food traditions. Don't enable. 

B. Test your blood glucose 2 hours post pumpkin. Are you able to tolerate high starchy fruits?

C. See food marketing for what it is, selling junk food.

What's working for me now

1. I abstain from pumpkin processed foods and even plain pumpkin. I get high blood glucose, so I don't eat it so I can get my insurance discount and keep my type 2 diabetes risks low.

2. I use cinnamon and nutmeg spices to add flavor to the season.

What did not work in the past:

1. I used seasons to use food to feed my food addiction. Candy corn, pumpkin lattes, cookies, pies (I ate pie but did not like it at all, that's how deep the food addiction ran!).

2. I couldn't even get to spices, I was in such a binge haze. Sad!

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  1. Pie? I buy a cheese pumpkin, bake, scoop out baked pulp for pie making :)