Sunday, September 25, 2016

I'll be joining the Keto Summit this week, to catch up on the current research and listen to some of my favorite speakers

Tender Greens, LCHF, Ketogenic lunch, San Diego, July 2016
I use a Low Carb Healthy Fat (LCHF) and Ketogenic food template to maintain 65 of 70 pounds lost.

Moderate protein, leafy green veggies, colorful vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil, coconut milk. Sea Salt and Spices. So filling, all real food, great non-diabetic glucose readings.

Excellent weight maintenance after 40 years of overweight, obese and morbidly obese.

I'm telling you LCHF and Keto I believe that both are underused in long term health and weight maintenance.

Once someone arrives at long term weight maintenance, I would hope that some sort of low carb approach is offered as an option. After 40 years of binge urges, yo-yo dieting, and physical and mental pain, this is one stop shopping.

Anyhoo, I have signed up for the Keto Summit. I cast a wary eye about "Health" summits as being sales funnels for people selling supplements, books, etc. That might be, but I do think that the speaker line up is excellent and there will be a lot of current research presented.

****** Please Note*****I don't use any Keto supplements or special supplements. Just saying. You can live this lifestyle by eating real food off the shelf at Trader Joes, Costco, and Sprouts.

Robb Wolf, Mark Sisson, Jason Fung MD, Chris Masterjohn PhD, Prof. Tim Noakes, Dan Pardi all speakers I enjoy their lectures and the current research that they present.

Here's a link via Nourish Balance Thrive ( I love that podcast, too!)

*Modified to state*** enroll in this conference JUST to hear Jason Fung, MD about diabetes and obesity. It makes sense. Totally. Fasting, IF. These solutions are free to experiment with and will cause massive financial savings. Just saying!!!


  1. Have a wonderful time, and post us on what you learn, please!

  2. I just finished Dr. Fung's book The Obesity Code. It makes total sense...excited that this message is getting out there. And I'm always up for an experiment. This book was very common sense, and easy to read for a "civilian" while citing plenty of research.

  3. I'm sure it will be good, have a great time.

    All the best Jan

  4. Thanks Jan, Tess, and Jess.

    I was originally suspicious of Dr. Fung's claims early on, but after hearing him talk at LowCarb USA and podcasts and his 1000+ clinical patients- PLUS my experience with 28 years of Clinical Laboratory Medicine, I can see what he is saying matches reversing obesity, diabetes and some of the toughest cases of advanced disease. It seems to match what I learned.

    You know how people complain about MD's not having the background, well, Med Techs, we did get that background on disease, lab testing, and nutrition, biochemistry, chemistry, biology, normal values, abnormal, rare diseases. Common diseases, anatomic pathology, diabetes and dialysis centers, oncology centers , esoteric disease testing, were /are all part of my clinical practice over my career.

    In a way, our profession should be speaking up more, based on clinical laboratory medicine. Hmmmmmmmmm. Second career for me in 15 years? Who knows. I'll be keeping my day job for now. ;)

    Anyhoo, I digress. I wish I had more time in my day. LOL.

  5. whenever I have tried the Keto LCHF food plan I feel AWFUL... I have read a lot about the keto flue but could never get through it. I loved the LCHF because I wasn't hungry at all but I just felt like do do ... Is there a place on your blog where you discuss this?

    1. Hi Karla, I went in a slow fashion from Medifast to Paleo (breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, then got rid of diet soda, then went lower carb). In January 2013, I did a whole30. That helped a lot. I realized I was still binge eating nuts and Lara bars due to the nuts and dried fruit. I was also gaining weight, so in April of 2013 or May, I did a nut free, bar free month or 6 weeks.

      That really helped me put the lid on the left over food addiction lapses. Yes, Keto flu or LCHF flu is temporary, but if you go step wise, it's less bad. Plus drinking bone broth (my favorite is a the Organic chicken broth from Costco). helps a lot. If you can string together many food sober days, then you will not want to suffer the low car/keto flu to much so you you just say " screw it, I'm not eating off plan because I feel so good" and boom. You're off the yo-yo sugar/grains wagon up and downs.

      So yeah, check December 2012 and Jan 2013 and then April-May 2013. My dad died in early June 2013, so I knew that my higher power had led me to these decisions. I had a one night lapse on an Alaskan Cruise in late June 2013 and that's been the last time I've actively binged on sugar.

      I can still binge pretty bad on ground grass fed beef, so I make myself weight the portions out. I estimate on veggies, but sometimes way. I estimate protein and veggies when I eat out.

      The hardest thing was undoing 15 years of WW advice. Eating low fat, high carb, WW frozen meals and counting points almost killed me. I was not lean, frozen meals commercial are not cuisine, and food addicts must abstain.

      That being said, life is so much better now. I'm 50 and feel like I'm in my early 30's. It's so good!