Saturday, September 24, 2016

I'm still here, reading, tweeting, Instagram, and Snapchat more than the blog- oh, and I'm still weight maintaining, too! ;)

Hey everybody!!! Blogging is not dead, but I'll tell you it's much faster to read, tweet, Instagram, and Snapchat these days.

Weight Maintenance Status:  If you are checking my maintaining status, the My Fitness Pal ticker on the right shows the output of my daily weigh-ins. I lost 70-72 pounds but I'm maintaining 65-66 pounds these days.  There are many health bloggers who hide or fib or photoshop or use super old photos, so be cautious, trust but verify when searching for folks to follow or model.

1. Twitter account - interesting articles, interesting weight & obesity experts, my favorite paleo & low carb people.

Yeah, prevention is a key in weight maintenance.

I feel like I was pretty much on my own and just traveling the interwebz like Gardengirl of the Lost Weight Maintenance Template to string together something on my own.  It wasn't like there was one great menu to chose from that was presented to me. I had to swing through on a vine and try to jump hurdles and over boulders as I went.

I needed and still need more accessible tools.

LCHF food template for weight maintenance Sept 2016

Cherry Tomatoes, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, basil, garlic sea salt 
2Instagram food and Low carb stuff stuff- for me weight maintenance is a about real food, batch cooking, and delicious meals.

Very sustainable, for me

Very delicious and high in nutrition.

No franken food required.

Psssssst: food elimination does not always =/= a restrictive diet. If you are in food addiction and need to break out , you can work with a health coach, shrink, or a habit change coach or even an OA sponsor.  Even if you are  to get to a better  safe place- say lapse instead of relapse, or remission instead of lapse.

Millions have done food eliminations for health. Auto-Immune, Food Addiction recovery. Gretchen Rubin is on to something.- Abstaining for the WIN.

The disease ( food addiction) will do anything to stay alive. Scary stuff! Yes I had to eliminate grains, sugars and emulsifiers.  I'm better than before. Just saying. Far from restrictive. Yes I know some need to moderate for their particular disease. I understand. Many of us need elimination so that is important to note.
Sunset, Carlsbad State Beach, Sept 2016

Instagram So. Cal Coastal-  I'm living the dream, and I seem to have better health when I walk 5-6 miles per day. Photography is my hobby.

American Kestrel, Carlsbad, CA Sept 2016

OMG- Snapchat is brilliant. I follow a few people and it's so fun. I post Snaps of my LCHF food, my garden, my hikes, and my cats. So if our friend Katie wants a tortoiseshell cat update more frequently, Snapchat is a great place. It's fast and a great documentary.  

Off to live life. I've got to get some work done before the hot Santa Ana winds kick up. 90 degree F weather without air conditioning is no joke. 
Cat wars, Sept 2016

What's working

1. Daily weighing and recording at My Fitness Pal
2. Eating real food, Low Carb, abstaining for the WIN.
3. Walking 5-6 miles per day, with my camera
4.Using faster social media to keep up with my favorite people

What didn't work in the past

1. Rarely weighed in, when I did I would have a 20 pound gain.

2. I ate frozen WW enchiladas, popcorn, skinny cow ice-cream, and other franken food, high processed, but HEY low points. I'm a WW member, I proudly told people. Ugh. I was a junk food consumer, hooked into the SAD.

3. I walked 3,000 steps a day and thought I was awesome???

4. I used to spend a lot of time following moderate food eaters., thinking I could model them. No more.


  1. Glad all is going well Karen.
    Love the look of your LCHF food plates, I also like your photo of the American Kestrel.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. It's nice to know this way of life is beyond a terrible little frozen diet meal. LOL. :) That Kestrel. It was magic, I'm telling you. right out trails side in my own city. Love it so much. Thanks for stopping by, give Eddie my best.

  2. I love yr IG Karen, but I guess I'm too old n' dumb for Snapchat; I just can't figure it out???

    1. LOL Val, If I did not have a 16 year old daughter, I would not be able to tackle Snapchat. I've not been IG-ing much lately, but I want to change that soon. :)