Saturday, December 5, 2015

NSNG Vinnie Tortorich I was featured on the 12-5-2015 podcast! Genetics and Restaurants

Vinnie Tortorich, podcasting live, NSNG meet -up LA 2015

Wow!!!  I had a great posdcast interview with Vinnie Tortorich. We talk about genetic reports, where we like to eat out for NSNG in Southern California, the first NSNG LA meet up, weight maintenance, and more. Be sure to download my interview and explore the other guests on this podcast.

*There's no language in my interview, so if you have little ones or other family with tender ears, this episode is okay to play out loud.

I really did enjoy the NSNG meet up in Los Angeles. Read more about it here 

Anna Vocino, podcasting at the NSNG meet-up, LA 2015

I forgot to give a big shout out to Anna Vocinco, Vinnie's podcast co-host. Anna's gluten free cookbook will be published soon.  Be sure to sign up on her email list. 

Valley View from the NSNG group hike, LA 2015

NSNG group hike, LA, no grains or sugars for this fat adapted group!

 Meeting Vinnie, Serena, Anna, Andy, and the super fans (shoutout to the Beauchamp brothers for all their work and Anna S.'s work on the meet up). My mind is continually blown by our stories and were we are today, and were we were before NSNG. Really, the weekend was fantastic and I'd highly recommend any future meet ups. Real people, getting real healthy with NSNG, no sugars no grains.

Sometimes it's tough living grain and mostly sugar free in a commercial product, fast food world. I applaud Vinnie and his team for his podcast, his time, his message. Knowing there are other, regular folks people like me who have lost weight and kept it off by going NSNG and sometimes putting  a little LIL (life into living).

Onward & thank you for all your hard work. Awesome people. Awesome health results.  Here's my theory: If more people explored no sugars, no grains (NSNG), then there would be more folks in long term health and weight maintenance. Just saying. Boom, y'all.  ;)

Karen P.

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