Sunday, December 13, 2015

3 years, 10 months in long term weight maintenance, tougher times post gluten exposure

 Starting weight 187.4 lbs
Current Weight: 121.6 lbs
Goal weight ranges 
(113-117) and/or (119-121)
Time in weight maintenance
3 years, 10 months
Age 49
Height: 5'1"
Menopause: 2 years
Auto-Immune Hashimotos: 
Food Addict in recovery
May 2011
Current food template:
 LCHF/ modified Wahl's Paleo Plus/modified AIP protocol
This has been one of my tougher months in weight maintenance. I had an un-intended gluten exposure on 11/17/2015. I've not been easily able to shake the extra 2 pounds, like prior gluten exposures.  Gluten is no joke for me. 

The root cause: Even just a tiny bit off a grill where the cooks were grilling buns and a hamburger patty that place placed into a warming container with other burgers really effected me

The struggle is real. My goal is to get back to the 120's to 119 by the end of the year and drop into my lower weight range by March 2015. OR rock some good body strength and stay around 119-120.

Non celiac gluten sensitivity, it's real.  At least it didn't trigger any binge eating. The facial flushing, throat blisters, lip irritations, deep acne were bad enough. Sigh. I fell out as a normal histamine blood donor even before the gluten exposure. Ouch!

The next time I have a gluten exposure, I'll be asking my doc for some blood work. It used to be just belly bloating and binge urges. The blistering has me a little more concerned. Plus I had to tell everyone I wasn't drinking due to the facial redness- several people commented about it.... LOL. I stopped alcohol in 2001. Most of my friends know I don't drink.
6 months weight maintenance, gluten exposure

That being said, I'm feeling okay. You know what's working?

1.Good old fashioned food tracking- yes for me calories as well as food types count. If I overeat on Paleo foods, I do gain weight. Simple. Easy. I'm not starving, let me tell you. I feel pretty good.

 2. Exercise tracking.
3. Sleeping well
4. Keeping Christmas simple. Batch cooking meat and veg.

What didn't work in the past

1. Not tracking, just gaining and eating what ever the heck I wanted.
2. Not setting even easy exercise goals.
3. Staying up late watching TV.
4. Doing all my old habits for the holidays that were stressful and not enjoyable.

Onward. Here's to staying safe, well, and within your chosen food plans this holiday. Even if you have unexpected illness or plans, here's to navigating plan B, plan C, etc.  Be boss of what you put into your body. Always.


  1. This is great info. Thanks for sharing. You should be very proud of yourself!!!!

    1. Thank you!!!! I'm happy and looking forward to my good habits and tracking. :)

  2. Glad you're feeling better ! That was scary.

    1. Thanks, Katie. I've never had the traditional food allergy symptoms with gluten before- the mouth stuff was not fun. I will be headed to the doc for testing- there will be another gluten exposure. That stuff is in everything. Try as I will, I can only minimize the gluten exposures. That being said, maybe I can get them to 1-2 years.

  3. I'm sorry you had the gluten exposure and the weight setback. Of course, I think you look great, but I am short like you, so I know what a few pounds can do on a smaller frame. I said it before, but gaining six pounds this summer frustrated me very much. It was my fault--and not an unintentional exposure to certain foods--but I was so annoyed. My clothes didnt fit, and I felt bloated and large. Granted, I am the same height you are and weigh 20 pounds more, but it still was a nuisance to gain weight. I feel for you. People told me they couldn't tell, but I could barely zip my skirts, my pants were very tight, and I knew it was a slippery slope to keep gaining. It took me months to take control of my food. At least you are aware of the food you are eating.

    I worry about gluten exposure and exposure to corn starch. I inadvertently ate something with corn starch, and it caused skin issues.

    I will be rooting for you to get the weight off. And PS I love your hair color or your new hairstyle. It suits you very well.

    1. Hi Ali, sometimes the learning from going back to the old will propel you more forward than before. It's no fun to feel tight clothes, uncomfortable, I know.

      Oh, the corn starch, I get massive acne and GI symptoms with corn starch just in simple seasonings. Rips me up so bad... Almost as bad as wheat.

      Thanks on the hair. Natural sun lightening and a Hilary Clinton 80's hairband for the win!!! LOL

  4. Do you have any daily probiotics that you make yourself? Like Kefir, Kombucha, or Fermented vegetables? If not these would help in a very big way with your bodies reactions to gluten. I'm speaking from my own experience.

    1. Thanks Terresia G. I have some Farmhouse jalepeno kraut and that brand seems to work well. I may have overdone it on the fermented foods and broth in my Instant pot may be too much histamine inducing for me. I'm having 1 TBS of the kraut daily.

      Next time I get an exposure I'll try some more fermented foods. Thanks for your recommendations.

  5. Sorry you are going thru this, but I find it very interesting. Such a tiny amount (it sounds like) and a very severe reaction. Thought provoking.

    1. Yeah, Vickie. I'm not binge eating, so that is good. I did discontinue the use of coconut mana (butter) and that may have been a co-factor, but I had so many good results with the coconut butter for my travel in October.

      Sigh! My tablespoon of fermented veggies seem to really be starting to head me in the right direction. I had some acne that did not heal for over 3 weeks...... ugh!!!!

      I'll be asking my doc for a celiac panel and allergic testing the next time I'm exposed. If I'm getting traditional allergic reactions, then additional exposures will worsen my reaction. If I'm celiac- well I'm just screwed with another auto-immune disease.

  6. If gluten has this effect on you then you need further testing! I don't exclude gluten from my diet - I have the odd crumbed item and flour thickened sauce etc if out (not often though). I only exclude grains as is bread, buns, cakes etc. I'm not aware that I have anything more than a mild side effect from the gluten I eat. Mostly an upset stomach and less than normal gastric activity!

    I think this has been a conscious choice because if I exclude gluten 100% I think my body would then react more strongly? Not sure - just my little theory. I do know that I will never, ever go back to the foods I used to eat over four years ago.

    Keep going, I hope you sort this out because as you and I both know, maintaining your weight never stops. You're looking great in that photo by the way :)

    1. Yeah, Lynda, I will need additional testing. There will be another exposure. The best diagnostics will come right after an un-intended exposure. If my regular doc won't order, one of my health benefits includes virtual doctor in the box on an application on my phone. And free lab testing for most tests, so my plan is in place.

      I think that I've been gluten sensitive since the age of 6. I was so inflamed all the time that I had no clue what normal was. I thought everyone had uncontrollable GI symptoms and massive joint pain. I pray I did not get any GI lesions. I'll find out soon enough since I turn 50 next year.

      Thank you! I feel great, I really do. Keeping 66 of 70 pounds off my 5'1' (61 cm) frame is so helpful. I was never meant to carry that much weight on my tiny fame.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Your story is very inspiring.

    1. Awww you are welcome, Leah. Fun to see your progress photos and your continued weight maintenance. Onward and keep up the good work.

  8. Ack! The gluten extravaganza sounds awful.

    Just have to say--your current "after" picture is beautiful. Really. Best one ever.

    Merry Christmas!


    (I have a new blog. Nothing on it except a Christmas post. I plan to start blogging in January.)

    1. I'm really hoping to have lots of time pass before I get gluten again, Deb. Thank you on your kind comments. Good luck on the new blog.

      PsI liked your comments over at EFO about dopamine. I think you hit the nail on the head- anyone I know who has come off any addictive substance- alcohol, nicotine, sugar, flour has had to go through withdrawals. The out come is so worth it- stable glucose, almost zero time spent food seeking and almost zero binge urges. Life is sweet in a non sugar way. Onward! Merry Christmas.

    2. The funny thing is--when my commenter said she didn't obsess over alcohol until she quit drinking it, my reaction was kind of: "Well, yeah." And occurred to me that my own newfound obsession over food may have the same root cause.

      funny how we see other's clearer than we see ourselves, isn't it?

      I'mm expecting two things for 2016. One is that the antsy, prowling the kitchen withdrawal will come. Two is that I will have the God-enabled power to simply say "yes" and "no." And I can choose not to whine about it, surrendering to the process instead.

      Simple isn't easy...

      Thanks, Karen, for your willingness to keep beating the drum.


    3. Deb, indeed, much easier to see in others, much harder to confront your own needs. I found withdraw to be tough, but do able and something that I don't need to deal with again- abstain yes, the the physical and mental changes from going off sugar, grains, and nuts - I don' have to do that again- so worth it.

      Good luck and I blog so that others may know that abstaining is not some miserable place. Actually, a better life started. You couldn't pay me to go back to the misery (and high glucose) of before. You can have your health and eat nutrient dense food and make do very well. Better than before . I would highly encourage people to find people who are like them who are 3-5 years into long term maintenance. Too many fall out of their new routines from years 0-2 - I know I have regained my weight and more other times.

  9. I've late in commenting. My daughter has been gluten free for almost 2 and 1/2 years. She has unintentionally eaten gluten three or four times and always at a restaurant. She gets the bloating and stomach problems and little bumps on her hands and generally feels really bad for up to four days. It is definitely not a good situation. I have wondered if the longer you're away from it, the harder it hits you when you get it. Thinking out loud here. Ha ha I did not know that corn starch was also a problem and have not even looked at labels for it.

    1. Thanks Caron. I used to have the stomach and bloating problems. The new symptoms are a little concerning. It probably is dose and time dependent. I think that I did a good job and had the luck of the restaurants in the past.

      Corn rips me up. A lot of gluten intolerant folks have cross reactivity with corn. I'm one of them. Too bad I grew up eating a lot of corn (Central Indiana) and used to love popcorn. No more, but I don't miss the pain and misery and time in the bathroom. LOL. Hope you and your family are well.