Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Are you an "Easy Keeper" of weight, post menopause

2015- leaner and stronger in menopause and weight maintenance

Be sure to read Dr. Berkeley's "Easy Keeper" of weight article. Any thoughts? I can tell you, when I don't eat

1. Grains
2. Processed sugars
3. Xantham Gum/ Guar Gums

I'm not an Easy Keeper any more. I have a normal body weight and shape. I still have a few binge urges here and there, but I'm typically not overly hungry, I do have decent muscle mass. This is all post menopause.

Grains cause me to keep weight pretty easily.  It's not my fault, but it is a reality I have to deal with meal in, meal out.

It's amazing I'm about 2.5 years into menopause and I'm leaner than I have been most of my whole life. 

2009- easy weight keeper pre-menopause, lots of whole grains

       When I eat grains

1. I carry lots of visceral fat
2. I have diabetes level glucose
3. I have many binge urges from emulsifiers in foods.

I know I'm not alone.

I'm not weak willed
I tracked like a champ.
It's not my fault, but my bodies Easy Keeper genetics.  Obesity genes, ghrelin genes. Diabetic risk. All genetic risks are increased when I ate grains.

Easy concept, no grain living. Great out comes. Very well worth a few people looking down their nose at my no grain life style. Sad because it would help so many people. So much drama and myths. I hear this all the time

Oh, I could never not eat whole grains, I would:

1. Die without bread ( so much drama)
2. Binge eat without eating grains in moderation (grains triggered my binges)
3. Cause themselves to be XYZ disease. ( it was genetic for me, going off grains did not cause my gluten sensitivity.)

Glad I tried it myself. Not one of those things were true for me. Like cattle, horses, cats and some humans, life without grains is pretty good. Life is a lot easier in 2015 without massive binge urges and keeping off 65-70 extra pounds.

If you can eat grains and be well an happy, well good for you. So many of us can't.
Onward and I hope more MD's get the no grain message to more people who struggle with Easy Keeper of body fat.

Keep your eyes wide open and keep your menopause food template options open to change.  Glad to be an easy keeper of my size 6 jeans.  ;)  Zip-Zip hooray!!!!!

 Kudos to Dr. Berkeley for blogging about the effects of grains on many.



  1. Another way of looking at a grain free food life style is it eliminates a lot of too readily available foods. Impulse foods are often grain related. If one eliminates those impulse foods, it is a lot easier to eat only at meal time, eat more balance meals, eat portions.

    I think that is also true of dairy. Dairy can be a big impulse, too readily available, food. Life is a lot simpler without it in many ways.

    Like grains, dairy is often a big problem for people (and babies) (and children) in causing secondary conditions also. When I see kids with raccoon eyes, or chronic congestion, I always want to say - try taking them totally off the big four for a couple months and see what happens. The big four are dairy, grains/wheat, soy and tree nuts.

    1. Vickie, yes, it does eliminate many processed foods and impulse foods. It's a simple concept. For me dairy was binge inducing when I paired it with grains and sugars.

      Without grains and sugars and the guar/xantham gums I could eat dairy and not binge eat- except for the lactose intolerance and the inflammation from the casein. Since I've done the work of getting to low inflammation and I like having a good GI system and little or no acne- all dairy had to go. I was so congested. Once I took dairy out for even 30 days and reintroduced, I could no longer ignore the effects.

      I can see how dairy really effects some poorly. I can also see how soy effects people. Still to this day, I can tolerate tiny amounts of soy, rice, and maybe a tablespoon of beans here and there. But I don't make it any sort of habit. No need when I can easily get my nutrition from whole real foods my ancestors would have eaten. And it' wouldn't have been soy rice or beans. Coconuts' either- but without diary, I'm limited in my high heat cooking oils. I seem to do okay with coconut oil and coconut milk for cooking.

      Hopefully some good clinical studies and practitioners help people ID the diary sensitivities. The biggest milk drinkers in my family have the worst bone diseases. Glad I got off the dairy around age 48. It can only help my bone matrixes.