Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NSNG LA Meetup March 2015- my top 10 favorite things from the weekend

NSNG LA March 2015 Meet-up

 I attended the first NSNG LA March 2015 Meet-Up.

It was:  AWESOME

1. The People:  Wide variety of people who are No Sugar, No Grains and fans of the podcast.

The people who attended made this meet-up so, so great. The stories of where we were and where we were going.

Each person had a story to tell and their transformations from where they were and the good changes from not eating sugars and grains.

2. The Hike: Topanga Canyon. Great location. Great work out, up hill, down hill, common flowers, Phacelia grandiflora. OVERTHERE! Inside joke on the hike.

3. The Podcast: Two live podcasts in the hotel. We all got a chance to tell our stories. Incredible. Transformations. Strength gains. Performance gains. Diseases reversed. Lives changed.

Lots of joking around: No it's not a fad or a cult. Download the podcast from iTunes. Episode 372-    I'm interviewed at around 39 minutes in.

(** there is some language, so if you have young kids, headphone time **) 

4. Watching 2 live podcast recordings: I was fascinated by the whole recording and interview process. Live. Vinnie, Anna, Andy, Tallulah. Pure pro's at the podcast interview.  My mind is blown. And YES, Anna Vocino is the best voice in podcast radio. :)

Podcast Snacks NSNG

Do you see it? Phacelia grandiflora- GRANDIFLORA

5. The physical gifts we brought: I brought some NSNG podcast snacks. There was lots of coffee, adult beverages, good meals eaten out. Rides to the hike and to the restaurants. NSNG Loot.

6. The personal gifts we brought: our stories, a guitar and songs,  meditation, work out tips, training tips, jokes, stories.

7. Location: Calabasas.  LA,  Great views, warm weather, easy to arrive.

8. Meditation: Serena Scott Thomas lead us on a guided meditation. Mind blown. Very relaxing. And Chi running, form, too.

9. Personal Training: Yep! We could ask Vinnie questions and he helped us with form. I learned the correct way to lunge. Push-ups, squats.

Vinnie really knows his stuff. He's a great trainer.

10. One-On- One chats with the attendees. So fun to meet Anna Vocino, Wendy, and everyone.

Vinnie Tortorich- live podcast, Angriest Trainer #372

The only tough thing is saying goodbye and going back into a processed food, grain, sugar filled world.

Oh well!  Plans for NSNG 2016 are in the works. 

Anna Vocino- Live Podcast, Angriest Trainer #373


  1. How fun, Karen! Kudos to you for having the courage to go to a meet up! I am an introvert so that kind of thing is very hard for me to do. I am glad you enjoyed yourself, and the weather looks gorgeous!

    PS: I learned something new from your blog unrelated to weight loss. I had no idea why you called your cats as "Tortitude" in posts I had to google this term to figure out what you were talking about! And then I realized it was a way to refer to a tortoiseshell cat's attitude! So funny!

    1. Thanks, Ali. During the interview, Vinnie even mentioned that I was quiet. Yeah. Because if I spoke up as an obese kid, well, I could very well wind up physically beaten up or almost always verbally beaten up. So yes. Quiet. Because if that shiz happens, I walk away. It's a survival skill. I'm going to observe. or get the F out of there.

      You can take the obesity away, but I'll always be on the observation for the half assery, BS, and anything not authentic. Life is too short. And so am I... LOL.

      This group past my criteria. :) You wouldn't believe the crap some groups dish out. This group is authentic, straight shooting, real. My kind of people.

    2. So glad this group was real, and that they are authentic, straight shooting, and real. I can be shy around people I don't know (work conferences are so hard for me), but around people I know, I love attention! And I am very chatty so my colleagues and my close friends see the silly, real, authentic side of me.

      Your good experience gives me hope that perhaps I might find a good meet up group. I live in a small college town (where I work), and it is hard to meet new people.

  2. Ack: I had to comment again because of my typos! I meant to write: "I had no idea why you referred to your cats as "Tortitude" in posts. I had to google this term to figure out what you were talking about!"

    1. Heh, Heh, Heh. I've never had torties before (always tabbies). These cats are awesome and weird in a good way. They rarely meow and are very quiet, but make up for the quietness in funny ways. Lots of vocalizations, habits, and pawing around things. Best cats ever!!

  3. Glad you had an AWESOME time.

    Have a good Easter

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you, Jan. Just glad to know there are others who are living the NSNG lifestyle. Good to be in good company. Happy Easter to you and Eddie!

  4. What a beautiful spot to hold this! Perfect weather, great people. :-)

    1. Thanks, Kelly. As you know, going to meet-ups and conferences is the BEST. It was so fun to connect to these great people. Looking forward to next year.