Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter 2015- another food sober holiday weekend

Easter.  This will be the 3rd Easter in a row that I've celebrated in food sobriety.

No sugars, No grains. And yes, fun.  In the past 46 years, Easter candy fueled multiple binges. Not fun. Getting off sugars helped so much.

I still celebrate. Good friends. Good hiking. Dying Easter Eggs. Making an Easter basket.

I just don't celebrate with sugars and grains. No big deal. Easy. But in a way, it is a big deal. A really BIG DEAL.

 Not numbing myself up and out with sugar. Not buying and eating all the candy. Not going to the store after Easter to get a good buzz good deal on junk.

 If you are abstaining or have just stopped celebrating with junk food, please know you are not alone.

What works

1. Visiting friends
2. Walking with friends
3. Non-food Easter Baskets
4. Lamb Crock Pot Stew
5. Guacamole deviled eggs
6. NSNG weekend

What didn't work in the past

1. Visiting with friends so I could eat their Easter Candy
2. Walking with friends but being embarrassed to wear shorts in the hot weather
3. Easter baskets pre-made with tons of candy.
4. Lots of ham and Hawaiian rolls. LOTS of point counting. With weight gain!
5. Jelly beans. LOTS of them.
6. Weeks and months of binging from the Easter Candy.

All Right. If you celebrate, have you changed to meet weight loss or weight maintenance goals or food sobriety states? I'll be having some 85% chocolate, if I feel like it.


  1. I'm pretty excited that Easter is NOT a big holiday for me - no big dinner to navigate. Just a little chocolate usually given to me by my family/Chris - which just means I won't be buying chocolate for myself for a few weeks. I have to put the "gift chocolate" in an out of the way cupboard and not make it a daily treat. (Oddly, I am not craving sugar right now... grains are the difficult thing for me right now! I would probably eat my weight in bread if I went to a family dinner right now. Good thing I am not!).

    Guacamole deviled eggs sounds awesome - avocado in place of the mayo? Really smart. I love hardboiled eggs and have been making them to bring to work. Adding some avocado sounds great.

  2. Fat guacamole Devils. Marks Daily Apple.

    Good luck with the next few months, Jeanette. Have a great weekend. .

  3. Love the flowers in their pots ........

    And yes it's a square of 85% chocolate, if I feel like it too.

    Happy Easter

    All the best Jan

  4. Easter is no biggy for me - just for the grandchildren. Hot cross easter buns used to be my downfall - I'd eat them by the packet! Chocolate too of course. I have a little dark chocolate coming my way but that's it this year (and last year and the year before and the year before that!!!).