Friday, April 10, 2015

Long Term Weight Maintenance 3 years, 2 months - Lots of opportunties to own it like a boss

3 year 2 month check in

Highest weight 187.4
Current weight 117.8
Pounds lost 70-ish
Goal range 113-118
Time at goal weight +/- 5 pounds:  3 years, 2 months
Time yo-yo dieting 40 years
Age 49
Menopause : 2 years
Food template : Paleo-ish, modified AIP

Another month in weight maintenance. I celebrate everyday. Really. 40 years of trying and not accepting or learning what I needed to do. Every meal, day, month , year is a total victory.

 Stress was higher this month. But I kept repeating what is working.

Every day I choose this.

Meals and to screw it up and start binge eating per day = 3
Between meal slippery slope opportunities per day = 3

That's 6 opportunities per day to eat like I used to eat and think like I used to think.

Per week 42
Per year 2,184
For the last 3 years 6,552

Not to say I haven't started to binge eat  or thought about it. In the first, second, and occasionally the thrid year of weight maintenance. In the first year: I ate a lot of Lara Bars, nuts, and other things that were problematic before I dealt with my food and my thoughts. Second and third years were easier. Every day is an opportunity to stick with my food template or return to stinking thinking.

There's a lot of day-to-day, meal-to-meal decisions.
I'm just glad for clear thinking, a great food template, and a lot of wisdom and good sleep.

Onward.  Weight Graphs. You know the drill.

What works now:
1. Paleo-ish food template.
2. Daily weighing
3. Stopping stinking thinking in its tracks. 6 Times a day.

What didn't work for me in the past
1. Counting WW points- Skinny Cow ice-cream, loads of Easter Candy
2. Scale avoidance. Because. Loads of Easter Candy. And Skinny Cow Ice Cream is on sale a lot.
3. Telling myself eating all the sugar and grains would make me well and that I could drop a few pounds, "no problem". I can any time I want to by counting points.

I'm less likely to manage what I don't measure or track. Owning it like a boss for another 6 opportunities.  The magic fairy isn't going to descend and do the work. That's my job.


  1. Karen you are so right "The magic fairy isn't going to descend and do the work. That's my job."

    It is OUR job to look after our health and well-being. We have one body to last a lifetime ..... happily and heathily lived as we possibly can.

    All the best Jan

  2. Thank you, Jan. Sometimes when I am in the kitchen cleaning up, I wish for a magic fairy ( oh, wait, sometimes I put my daughter to work.. ). But most of the time the awesomeness of the food and remembering how I used to live... well, it's all good.

    One body, one lifetime. Ability to think for ones self. Thanks for stopping by the blog.