Thursday, April 16, 2015

More Book Discussions- Better Than Before- Grechen Ruben (with Robb Wolf)

 iTunes Episode 265- The Paleo Solution Podcast with Gretchen Ruben

From Robb Wolf's website

Karen's note: If you are a moderate eater and doing well, there are plenty of blogs for you. Move along. Celebrate your moderation wellness smugness and eat all the things.  I wish you well.

 If you are exploring abstaining, not doing well moderate eating or just wanting thinking for yourself,  or change a few things to help your health, weight, pain, then read on...
  • Habits are discussed through out the podcast
  • Moderating all foods vs taking out some, is it orthorexia? No!  (16 mins)
  • Abstaining discussed. No Thin mints vs ALL the thin mint! (17 mins)
  • Abstaining easier than moderation for some (18 mins), 
  • Risk assessment discussed (20 mins)
  • Why is it so hard on a national level to the abstinence message ?(21 mins) 
  • The answer is not one size fits all (21 minutes)
  • YOLO and excuses discussed (22 minutes)
  • Loophole spotters (29 minutes)
Karen's note: I used to use loopholes to feed my sugar addiction and as a result I chose to obesity for about 40 years. Maybe 30 years if you consider I was too young at age 6-16 to really figure it out.
  • False choice , moral licensing, questionable assumption (31)
  • Addictions are discussed around 33 mins into the podcast

Good news, I bought the book and I'll be reading it in the next week or so. I'm thrilled that my favorite book authors are teaming together to help  other people get off what I consider to be very addictive substances.

There are just tons of moderating resources. It's way, way past time for more health, low inflammatory, wellness tools that involve abstaining. I know, I know, OA, FA, AA has everyone beat. For many decades they've recommended it, very quietly and anonymously . That's cool. I know Dr. Berkeley in Refuse to Regain recommends removing processed sugar (and all S foods- sugar, starchy, etc) in her 2008 book Refuse to Regain. 

So glad that there are additional voices and resources joining what I've found to be a very valuable tool and health in long term weight maintenance.

What's working for me:

1. Thinking, experimenting, testing, n= 1 For myself, then letting you all know how it's working
2. Abstaining and not moderating sugar, grains, and dairy, legumes, nuts, too. I didn't come all this way to have inflammation from dairy.
3. Continuing to learn from my favorite authors Robb Wolf, Grechen Ruben, and Barbara Berkeley.
4. Respecting groups like OA, FA, AA. for being the early adopters. It probably wasn't easy.

What's did no working for me in the past:

1. Going along with the moderation crowd and thinking I was not strong/good/smart enough.
2. Eating lots of sugars and grains and binge eating for 40 freaking years.
3. Just following the same old moderation theme using calorie tracking, or WW point counting, intuitive eating, and NOT learning anything new.
4. Not being open minded enough to get out a plan that wasn't working quickly 2-6 months.

Okay, has anyone heard the podcasts or read the book?   It's awesome if you moderate. I even lost 60 pounds before I got pregnant with my kid. But I was still sick and inflamed and binge eating.  Better late than never!


  1. Thanks for another podcast suggestion...downloading now ;)

    1. Rebecca, I like Robb's podcast. I learn so much. Some of the topics are not exactly my type of thing, but I always learn from them. :)