Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Paleo Buck Book sale- kindle books on 11/25/2014 only

Okay, some of my favorite books are on sale over at Amazon Kindle for very inexpensive prices.

Most are $0.99. A few (the larger size books) are more.

It's worth it to get them on my iPad for EZ cooking in the kitchen.

And other books for reading when I'm at jury duty. Sigh!!!

Anyhoo, check out the various links. I'm sharing Alison Golden's(Paleo Non Paleo) affiliate link here.

I make no money from this book sale, but I did get some of my very Favorites: Everyday Paleo, The Primal Blueprint, Modern No Nonsense guide to Paleo, the Paleo Solution, Paleo Girl (for my daughter).

I got some new ones, too! Paleo Manifesto, the Ancestral Table, the Paleo Kitchen

Just happy the Jury Duty Lounge has WiFi. Sale ends at midnight at the end of 11/25/2014 EST, USA.  Holy Smokes I hope jury duty will end before that. ;)

My 2 cents: I think Paleo & Primal templates are underused in long term weight maintenance. So if you were ever curious, the content is pretty awesome, in my opinion.



  1. Assume you must be better/well now.

    Missed the jury duty call. Every time I had a newborn, I think I was called. Doctor excused me each time. Have not been called since.

    1. I used to have child care that I needed to be home, but once my daughter reached a certain age, just couldn't claim that any more. The one day, one trial system in SD county is a decent one. I got dismissed for another year... :)