Saturday, November 22, 2014

Falling Forward 2014, #4 Sick already this winter season, what's working

Surf those winter waves- San Diego County Nov 2014
I had to "surf those waves" of sickness the last 3 days.

Wow! Probably the sickest I've been since I've lost the weight in 2011. Nausea for 2 straight days and I couldn't keep a thing down.

I desperately wanted to avoid urgent care and IV's so I got an anti-nausea drug from my Physician's Assistant (PA) and I'm at least back to drinking coconut water, chicken broth, and some sparkling water.

Hoping to keep some eggs and avocado down next.

 I had to fight binge urges at the pharmacy. Strong binge urges that called me to get hard candy, juice, and every last thing I could think of that I used to sooth myself with when I was a kid and adult binge eating and sick.

I would think the thought and say, nope, no way. This too will pass. I have to take care of myself with out my trigger foods. No. Matter. What. I even gave heads up to my PA that I would prefer not to rehydrate with glucose and I would like to stick to coconut water and chicken broth due to sugar cravings. She was very smart and caught on right away.

PA told me that as long as I could keep liquid down that had electrolytes with sodium and potassium, then I was good to go. Processed sugar was not a requirement. Yesssss! Glad to speak up and not get ridiculous Gatorade, jello, and Popsicle recommendations. No need  to go down the high fructose rabbit hole.

I do not recommend losing 4 pounds in 2 days the way I did. The good news is I'm re-hydrating, staying abstinent from my binge foods and feeling much better. I was also not hungry at all ( WIN for fat adaption and not being a slave to high sugar/carbs). I was very thirsty. I suspect I'll be back at my 116-117 cruising weight range within a week or so.

 I may try going off coffee for a while and sticking to lower amounts of cups anyway. I've not had any coffee since Thursday morning and I've only had one headache. Opportunity is knocking! I can't believe I'm saying that...  Onward.

What is working now
1. Getting medical help and drugs to avoid Urgent Care or hospitalization when very sick.
2. Dealing with binge urges when they arise and not giving into grains or sugars.
3. Speaking up with my medical professionals about what I need and working with them to get well.
4. Paleo-ish, fat adapted food template so that my body can be a fat burner when needed.

What did not work in the past:
1. Waiting or ignoring symptoms until it was too late and I needed an IV.
2. Not recognizing I would need to deal with binge urges when well or when sick.
3. Taking all the advice to pack back Gatorade, Popsicle, and sugary junk food when sick. Not the fastest way for me to get well!
4. Eating high carbohydrate foods and being a sugar burner. All I wanted to to was binge eat and have more, more, more. Ugh!

Okay, well, just a reminder to stock up on your non-binge, health promoting recovery foods that work for you. Does anyone else fall into the commercial trap and standard advice of junk foods when you are sick?
Waves of nausea.. glad to be on solid ground


  1. Sorry you've been sick. So impressed by your way of handling it, though.

    I totally agree how it's so pervasive how the medical community wants to keep us sugared or grained up. We have to be so mindful to side step those land mines, and you are great at it!

    p.s. I'm finally going to buy 'Refuse to Regain'. See my post today to understand why now. ;)

    1. Gwen, I think that it's not the medical community that wants us sick. I know I would be thrilled to transfer to another career if all the diabetics got their sugars under control and never needed another CLIA certified lab to do their work up. Realistically we are where we are and it will take many inputs and changes to have well care. I think that the medical institution will just parrot what is popular and available on the store shelves. Fortunately coconut water and organic chicken broth are both readily available.

      I'm really glad you are getting that book. Refuse to Regain should be mandatory reading for 100% of everyone reaching 20 pounds before they get to goal weight. Opting out for 90 days, then adding back in saved me from regain. My best tool EVER this time around. Tell me what you think of the book. I highly respect Dr. Berkeley. No grains, no gains!

  2. i hope you'll be hitting on all eight again soon!

    1. Thanks, Tess. Getting better every day. So thankful!

  3. Ouch... you sound like you've been really ill! I'm glad you are on the mend.

    1. Yes, Lynda. I wanted to pound my little fists on the table and say "I'm paleo-ish, I don't get sick much!!!" But in reality, I do get viruses and bacterial infections. Just less often. Being fat adapted was so good. I can tell I'm recovering fasted because of the food I use. So glad to be on the upswing.

  4. Awesome that you stayed strong even though you were sick. I often do give into cravings and eat bread/toast when I'm sick (in the nauseous kind of way) and don't NEED to do that!

    1. Jeannette, oooooh, the binge brain was working overtime in the store. I almost gave in. I figured, well, I'm pretty sick, there's no reason to dive head on into binge problems too. Sugar never cured me, only makes me sick. Adding sick onto sick. Nope. NOT going there.

      Those ani-nausea drugs worked well. Only needed 1 tablet and I could start to re-hydrating. Saved myself a boat load on $$ at urgent care. Plus faster gut GI recovery, too.