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No Grains, No gains topic November 2014 - Keeping Motivated in Weight Maintenance

 Our Mission Statement : A group a of Primal/Paleo/Grain free women who blog about their experiences/life/benefits without grains. It’s a great way for others (who may be wanting to lose weight, reverse an acute/chronic health trend, and/or transition from commercial weight loss programs) to read about real life women who are living the life and succeeding!

No Grains, No gains topic November 2014 - Keeping Motivated in Weight Maintenance

Wow! What a topic. One simple sentence:  I feel better and that motivates me to keep what I've got. Somethings are deeper motivations, other things are more superficial. I'll take any motivation I can leverage for long term weight maintenance.

0. I picked the basic plan (Paleo-ish food template) that kept my body and mind well. I'm motivated to stick to my plan because I made a plan that fit me like a glove. I feel better.

1. Less emotional pain. Yeah, after 40 years of obesity, the thought of returning to the mental/emotional pain is just too freaking much. I feel like "myself".  The act of staying at a normal weight means that I'm not in a disconnected state emotionally. It's no fun- as a child, young adult, or middle aged woman to have extra weight, obesity, or morbid obesity. Emotionally, I'm just in a happier place, so I'll do quite a lot of work to keep my weight normal. I'm motivated because I feel better.

2. I'm in less physical pain. Yeah! Joint pain, migraine headaches, back pain, belly pain, gas pain, sinus pain. Very little pain. I'm pretty fortunate that I was able to get into a food template that helps me to eliminate the big and little sources of physical pain. Not everyone is so fortunate.  I'm motivated because, I feel better. 

3.  The food tastes great!  YEAH! I had no idea that food could both taste THIS good and be filling in a non-binge way. #NSNG (no sugars no grains) I just had no clue. Hyperpalatable junk food seemed like it was good, but not so much. Fresh real food tastes pretty fantastic. That motivates me even on my most tired days... Go. Cook. Something. Fast. Basic. YUM.  I'm motivated because real food helps me feel better. 
I don't always eat shrimp, but when I do, It's DARN good!

4. I feel full and comfortable after I eat. Yep. Because I eat to the food template that seems to work well for my mind and my body, I have a lot more normal "full" and "hungry" signals. I don't always get the right signals, but probably 80-90% of the time in year 2-3 of weight maintenance, I can sort out a binge urge from true hunger. I can feel satiated and some sort of normal brain to food signals. I told myself I may never reach this point. But, here I'm. I stay motivated because I value normal food/full signals, I feel better.

5. I have better mobility and movement. This is just from a pure functional movement aspect, I can reach, I can stretch, I can rest, I just have improved body mechanics that help me whip out of bed in the morning, perform house cleaning tasks better, move things at work easier, garden, shop, hike, and take underwater photos better. Tide pools and the submersible camera was really not happening as much. I can move more easily and that is very motivating when I can practice my life gifts, because I feel better.
Tide Pool Green Anemone- San Diego County, October 2014

6. I like my new clothes and feel comfortable in them. HEY, new clothes are part of it. I like the way my size 6, extra small or small clothes feel, fit, and I can make out like a bandit at second hand stores. Oh, so some of my community shops in boutiques in LA and then resells at used clothing stores where I can purchase at $12-14 dollars a pop for blouses? I'm up for that! Maybe $20 for designer jeans. Good for my closet and good for my budget. Great quality clothing that lasts. I've stopped many a binge in its tracks just for the pure fact that I've got a pair of favorite jeans I want to wear. Sound Petty? Who cares!? Zip, Zip, Hooray! It's just part of it. Bring it!  I stay motivated because I like the new, smaller clothing sizes, I feel better.

7. I have more mental clarity. I'm not stuck in funky mind loops thinking about food, so that gives me more time to focus on talking to my daughter, being in the moment, choosing to partake in almost all activities because I choose the activity based on a clear mind, not a "where can I get my next sugar fix". I place a high value on a clear mind, so I'm super motivated not to junk it up with foggy binge brain. I can think clearly, and that motivates me because I come from a place of strength instead of a place of false fixes, I feel better.

8. I look and feel younger. Much younger than my 48 years. I like to be in photos and look in the mirror. The hub bub over Renee Zellweger? Hey if she feels better, that's pretty awesome. I'm motivated because I like myself and I feel better.
2009 Processed food vs 2014 Gluten free, no sugars, no grains
9. I get $40-50 discount per month. Per MONTH on my health insurance discount. That's around $500 to 600 per year savings. Invest, travel, trip with my kid. Plus I just don't go to the doctor that much any more. I'm motivated because I can meet my financial goals just a little easier, because I feel better.

10. My bloggy friends that are motivated by a No Grains template and/or a major weight transformation. I'm not alone. I'm motivated because I know I'm not alone in feeling better.

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  1. All great reasons to stay motivated, Karen. And can I say that you look fabulous! What a difference in your skin between the two pictures of you at the end of the post. I can see what you mean when you say your skin cleared up with a healthier diet that includes no grains. This is definitely working for you!

    1. Ali, wheat and dairy both really effected my skin. The puffiness, the acne. Now that I'm strict gluten free, many shampoos and conditioners contain synthetic vitamin E that also will cause my skin to breakout. I've been using Herbal Essence products with good results. Just not wanting a face full of deep, cyctic acne should have made the list... :)

      Anyhoo... I do feel and look better. I also started to naturally tan (instead of burn) when I switched over to a Paleo template. I have no doubt that my diet will also help with Vitamin D absorbson

  2. Awesome post, Karen! Love the way you break it down. The fact that all of these aspects are part of your healthy mind/body/finances is so inspirational - and an excellent illustration of the fact that it's more about the whole picture, and not just about losing weight no matter the cost - you are the picture of health! And the way that you share what's working now, and being gracious in pointing out that this is what works for you is wonderful. Thank you for continuing to share the way you do. I'm getting there, and you've been an awesome role model!

    1. Jess, thank you! Keep up your good work. I knew I would have to put a lot of priorities up front and center to stay motivated. My binge brain will work over time to try to do the opposite.