Saturday, November 29, 2014

Post Thanksgiving round up Nov 2014 in Weight Maintenance

Thanksgiving Dinner, So Cal Style 2014

 Post Thanksgiving follow up Nov 2014 in weight maintenance

What worked:

1. Stayed on my Paleo-ish food template. Turkey, mixed greens, tomatoes, pomegranates, garlic salt, sparkling water with orange slice. White balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

2. Beach walk by myself, walk with family, photography, napping, and reading.

3. More walking, visiting with the family.

4. New camera arrived... more fun outdoors and time in my favorite hobby. I spend more time in a flow state, meditating and concentrating and being myself with a camera in my hand than anything else. Nice to practice my given gifts.

Dana Point, CA

Dana Point, CA with Catalina Island at Sunset
What didn't work in the past:
1. Eating whatever and triggering a binge- food type, stress, and soothing were all old themes that no longer play out in my holiday routine.

2. I would hang out inside, near the food.

3. Less visiting with the family and walking. More time thinking what kind of sugary, carby food I could binge on next! The next false fix, where and how much could I eat.

4.  I took photos, but I didn't spend much time in a flow state. My gifts were not used at their best level.

Here's to eating to live and not living to eat. It's nice to have my body and brain in sync. 

Woke up the last 2 days, no food hang over, clothes still fit, energetic, engaged and ready to live life another day.

I'm thankful that I became "boss" of how I feel and how I eat.  I'm also thankful that I understand how much down the rabbit hole I could go by eating off food template. Yeah, food sobriety allows me to live a whole different life.

Onward. If you ate off your food template, you can always get right back on this very next meal. Think about the kind of life and health you want. Choose well.

Cat's are already tired of the new camera flash


  1. Replies
    1. Rebel T5. All I asked for gifts this year were Costco gift cards!!! :) I haven't had a SLR since I left film photography 10 years ago. I got my first SLR at age 13, still have it, but I don't shoot with film anymore.

  2. You are awesome! I ate off my template on thanksgiving (but still didn't gorge!) and you are right - I'm right back in track with my next meal, it's important not to let a whole month if eating go off the rails because of one day!

    1. Jeanette, If I could eat off template a little more and be okay (no binge urges or super low inflammation) I would do that.

      I agree, no whole month off the rails and bargaining in my head- slippery slope voice says "Oh, I lost the weight, I'll eat this and just be really really ..... good, low calorie, low carb and there will be no consequences". But as you know, there always were consequences- weeks, months in binge mode... sigh. :)

  3. Great picture, Karen! You look like you enjoyed yourself. My clothes fit the next day, and I kept up my exercise plan this weekend. I saw Thanksgiving as a day off work and a day to be thankful but not as a day to stuff myself. I have found it interesting that several weight loss (or maintaining) bloggers who do not follow the strict template that you do posted pictures of their plates of food! Of course, most of the people who did this are not as fit and thin (I say that in a good way) as you so I believe you are doing somehting right!

    1. Thanks, Ali. Waking up to a clear mind and no food hang overs, binge urges, and food seeking is a real bonus!

      At a certain age, I just could not tow the old WW schemes ( we used to take paper food and tape them on a plate so our choices were pre- planned. LOL!!!) No small amount of stuffing or dessert would be without a consequence. Glad to have that part worked out okay. :) My genetics and cell mitocondria don't know it's Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc..

  4. Great pictures usual ....nice to see sunshine

    All the best Jan

  5. Love your cats!! More cat pix please :)

    1. Katie, yes! I will put in more cat photos. :) Karen P

  6. Thank you, Jan. Growing up in cold, rainy Indiana (during the fall/winter), So. Cal winters are a treat.