Friday, April 18, 2014

Update- April 18th, 2014- staying on track, and the world of fitbit!

I'm still here. Staying on track. No worries. Still daily weighing. 117.8.  I tracked my food on My Fitness Pal for a while this week. I've got enough data now. Glad that I can track one number (my weight) rather than all the food. I find that keeping my carbs 50-75 or so (more if I'm more active)

One reason I've been off the grid a lot: SLEEP!

Monday, I was gifted with a Fitbit Flex. I love it a lot for many things. My sleep habits clearly need a little work. My goal is get close to 7 hours a night.

Add in making 3 meals a day, working, commuting, walking 1 hour +, strength training 2x per week, time to connect with my teenager = full life   Prioritizing is key to weight maintenance

Whew! I like that I'm prioritizing sleep. The outcome is less time  blogging, commenting on other blogs, Instagram (my new addiction!), tweeting, and a little bit of Facebook.

Okay: Coming up on future blog posts:
1. Part 3 of non-food emotional triggers: Avoidance!
2. More take away lessons from PaloFx 2014- addictions!
3. Anything you'd like me to blog about (within reason!)

Onward!  Keep going. Problem solve, correction, prevention. It's all good. Lots of work. Great returns on time investment.

What's working
1. Paleo-ish food template, 50-75 grams of carbs, from non-starchy veggies and berries
2. Sleeping more
3. Keeping up exercise routines

What didn't work in the past
1. Counting calories, Counting points in combination with eating processed, trigger foods, high carb!
2. Sleeping way, way too little
3. Sitting on the couch, at my desk, and not going to the gym for strength.

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