Saturday, April 12, 2014

Livestreaming PaleoFX 2014 April 11, 2014- Loving it!

I'm totally geeking out this Saturday morning and watching the live streaming of PaleoFX 2014 
I'm also actively tweeting a lot about key take aways.

Since I use a Paleo-ish food template and a Primal Blueprint lifestyle to maintain my 70 pound weight loss, continuing education is a must. If I want to be a long term weight maintainer, keeping my head in the game is a critical step. It started with food for me, but extends into sleep, stress management, and dealing with emotional eating.

I started the morning listening to Sarah Fragoso speak about how to "Undo the Paleo Diet" and escape the diet dogma. 

What I loved: 
1. Diets don't work- ask yourself how you feel
2. What is your paleo?- ask yourself how you feel
3. Model good behavior for you, your kids will follow you.
4. Sarah still struggles with when to turn off and "slow the heck down".
Karen's notes: Yep! I can totally relate to Sarah. Customizing your food template and putting yourself first as a parent/person are both critical steps to my well-being.

 I caught the tail end of the Ask the Paleo Masterminds Talk.  Wow! Such a great line up of experts. Dr. Terry Wahls  
Kirk Parsley,  M.D. 
Chris Kresser  
 Dallas Hartwig 
  Nora Gedgaudas
I also sat down and had an egg wrap with asparagus, kale, and avocado and a cup of coffee.

 What I loved:
1. Question about cravings being related to the foods you are sensitive.Nora explained about stress response due to the food sensitivity releasing endorphins and thus the craving. "Is there a food you couldn't live without?" Might be a place to start. No absolutes here.   Karen's note: I nearly passed out on the floor when I realized that my so called pizza craving was really a wheat sensitivity. I blogged about that day here.

2.  Dr. Wahls: The food we are eating is less nutrient dense than that of our parents, grandparents, great grandparents.    Karen's note: eating real foods is key to stopping emotional eating triggers for me. My long term health is much, much better.

3. Cris Kresser: Your body becomes habituated to inflammatory foods, your body is always "on gaurd".  Karen's notes: I can tell you I was in a huge amount of physical and emotional pain when I had a hs-CRP of 6.8  Now using a Paleo Food template, my hs-CRP is 0.4   Big difference in my health, not getting sick, feeling energetic and no joint pain. Amazing.

Finally,  the US Healthcare Crisis or Chaos Talk

What I loved:
1. The different perspectives and personal experiences of the panel- Doctors, consumers, experts in reducing health costs.

Robb Wolf 
Dr. Grayson Wheatley 
Julie and Charles Mayfield 
Dr. Richard Maurer 
Darryl Edwards

2. It made me think about how much my own health care costs and validates some of the decisions to opt out of a screening test that my insurance won't cover. I believe that I'm being over screened. I told my doctor that either the Radiologist could go on vacation or I could go on vacation. I was going to pick me this time!  It feels good to use my instincts on this one.  I'll have some future blog posts about this.

3. Ummm.. not sure if I should say this or not, but these guys were easy on the eyes. Should that matter? nooooo. But, it was a bonus! Just saying...  ;)

That's it! I'm off to do some work before the next sessions start up. I would say I've already gotten my $$ worth out of the livestreaming. The continuing education is wonderful. The topics presented will stay for along time in my brain and that keeps me on my path and motivated. Onward!


  1. Hi Karen, Looking forward to you future pointers from the sessions! :-)

  2. yeah, be our eyes and ears! I'm choosing The Masters instead this weekend. ;)

  3. Thanks Marion and Gwen. Lots of inspiration. Nice I can attend a few lectures on line this year. Can't wait to go next year.

  4. Left a note for you yesterday, I think blogger ate it . . .

    "Karen's note: I nearly passed out on the floor when I realized that my so called pizza craving was really a wheat sensitivity."

    I may have said this in a past post, reading up on allergies long ago, I ran across the information that a baby will refuse a food that does not agree with their system, but an adult will usually crave it.

    My experience is the same as yours, the foods I was most attached to, were actually problem foods for me. I have read a lot of bloggers who are really emotionally invested in certain foods. Some of that was imprinted from their family of origin/growing up, but a lot of it is the sensitivity=crave thing. In my opinion.

    One thing I have noticed is you do a good job of not procrastinating in your actions by getting immersed in research. Another way of stating that is you apply what you study. I have know (and still know) a lot of bloggers who are so busy with gadgets, studies, trends, etc that they never get down to doing what they need to do. In fact, data/knowledge is sort of like quicksand for them. Not only do you do a good job with your data, you set a good example in the way you write these types of posts (background, what works, what didn't work). I pretty much avoid reading studies. I avoid workshop stuff 100%. But I very much enjoy when you and a couple other bloggers dissect ideas/topics. You do not go off on tangents. You are focused and pertinent.

    1. Thank you Vickie- for both your observations and your compliments! When I had my moment when I officially moved from the pre-contemplation stage Jan-April 2011Ipromised myself a few things. One was - that I would be relentless in problem solving in weight maintenance. That I would check with other maintainers and make my own very doable plan. I made the first 3-5 years of maintenance a top priority.

      I think it has to do with me being a scientist and using good problem solving techniques. I have to every day for my regular job, why not at home, too!!! Making the taking head match my action body = authentic self. I wouldn't go back to the old ways of undoing my good habits/behavior.

      Thanks again!

  5. "I'm totally geeking out....."

    It's great when you can set time aside to 'geek out'

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan! The more I embrace the geek, the better I feel. :)