Thursday, April 3, 2014

2 years, 2 months Weight Maintenance Update

Okay, regular readers, you know the drill

2 years, 2 month Weight Maintenance Update.   I celebrate my weight loss/ weight maintenance monthly. If you read my blog from the Paleosphere and don't focus on weight, skip this post. Life is short, so I must celebrate. 40 years of attempting long term weight maintenance. It's special to me.

 I've got before photos, I've got starting maintenance to current photos. And, there are graphs. Let's get to the data!
May 2011                          April 2014

Highest Weight : 187.4
Current weight 118.6
Goal weight range 113-118
Height  5' 1"
Age: 48
Menopause: 9 months

I'm above my goal weight range! What happened?

Here are the excuses details
1. I had hiccups so bad I chugged water before weigh in this morning.

2. I have about double the arm/shoulder strength from Mid-December 2013.

3. It's still cold sleeping weather here in So. Cal. Okay, not really cold elsewhere, but cold and rainy here. I can hear "tiny violins" playing a sad song, just for me, right now from those in truly cold parts of the US/World.  Just kidding.  Cooler sleeping weather = a few extra pounds since I've been fat adapted.   I'm not sick, eating emotionally, and my sleep has been okay. I'm counting this month as a win! I'm okay at this weight and my clothes fit pretty well.

Feb 2012                        April 2014

Here's what's working:

1. Paleoish food template
2. Strength training 2 x per week
3. Walking 9-10, 000 steps per day/ave
4. Weighing in daily
5. Cooking my own food 98% of the time
6. Continuing to experiment with an elimination diet with the eggs (no conclusions, yet)

Here's what didn't work in past attempts at weight maintenance

1. Low fat, high carb diet. LOTS of processed foods. But they were sort of low in points, until I ate too many, because I couldn't stop.... 
2. Not doing any strength training.
3. Walking 4,000- 5000 steps per day
4. Avoiding the scale for days, months
5. Eating out a lot and bringing processed frozen meals to work for lunch.
6. Not connecting food items to body inflammation

That's it!. Look for a fantastic No Grain's No Gains blog post on 4/4/2014.  I kind of like My Fitness Pal's "all" graph.


  1. I can confirm that (by OUR standards!@!!) it HAS been cold here in southern southern California! :D

    You are doing great. Absolutely great!

    1. Gwen, Thanks. :) Each month is a gift. So ready for the warm.

  2. I LOVE that you celebrate this. Saying goodbye to the unhealthy typical American lifestyle and finding peace, health, and pride in making the effort to create your own lifestyle is worthy of frequent celebration. You rock, Karen P!

    1. Norma, thank you. So many years I tried to find this place and space. Just so thankful I left behind the moderation/point counting complete BS to find my own answers. Loving in the new life. Loving feeling young as I age.