Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back on the grid

Okay, back on the grid. Walking 15,000 steps + per day, missing my good pedometer.

Working for me: eating from a Paleo template, walking , and relaxing. Clothes fit day in- day out. Awesomeness.

Not so great: forgetting my good pedometer. Lapsing on some mint jelly with a lamb dish. Stopped myself from going any further. So proud. My body does not want or need that sugar. Great reminder on how far I've come. Onward and super cool photos soon. :)

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  1. 15K steps a day is Awesome!

  2. Hi Karen! Yes the step number is indeed awesome. You know, I also love it that my clothes always fit the same exact way lately. No need to wonder, like I used to, what stuff in the closet fits because its the same stuff as last week and last month too. :D

  3. I'm impressed with 15,000 steps daily. I walked 13,000 only one day and I got a blister for my efforts. Sigh.

    I'm looking forward to the photos. :)

  4. Hi Karen - 15,000 steps per day is like all the above indicated...awesome!

  5. Well done with your daily steps. You've certainly got what works for you.
    Looking forward to the photo's

    All the best Jan

  6. Forget the pedometer. Just think up a place you`d like to visit and go there! Don`t let it be a chore, and take the scenic route.

  7. Onward! I'm so impressed with all of your steps!