Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day, 2013- eh?

Happy Canada Day 2013.  Thinking of you today, Suzi from spunkysuzi  I was in Victoria, BC recently. Fun to walk through the Empress Hotel. I did not see a single on plan food item in the tea room. Not surprised there. The architecture and history was fantastic.

Earlier,I had a great, on plan paleo-ish  dinner with lots of protein, vegetables, and some olive oil. Fuel for walking around and exploring Victoria.

I love Canada for it's walk friendly cities and the walking/hiking opportunities.  I only wish I had more time to do more hiking in this coastal city.

What worked:
1. Deciding what to do, then doing it, and coordinating with Jr. Family Member while traveling. 
2.Lots of walking, sticking to a clean anti-inflammatory food template,

What did not work:
1. In the past, I would have done High Tea just because others told me it was something I HAD to do.
2. In the past: eating off plan foods because I was traveling. I did not feel well and it effected my trips.

I'm a little tea pot...
Awesome gardens- I want this!

The monkey on Emily Carr's back



  1. Karen
    You are doing great stick with what works!

    Love your pictures, I have not been to Canada but everyone I know who has says "Jan you must go if you get the opportunity"

    and I agree awesome gardens, love that shade of pink

    All the best Jan

  2. Great pics! I live near Toronto but would also love to visit the Empress Hotel one day. I have been to Vancouver but not Victoria. :)

  3. LOVE your what works/what doesn't in this post! And great photos, as always!

  4. I absolutely LOVE your discipline. Thanks for visiting my country:) I'm going to the States next summer fo sho! Love the hospitality:)

  5. I'm going to Vancouver this year to visit my son :) Can't wait to look around!
    There are so many cities I'd love to visit and walk around. If I only had the money.

  6. Travel can be stressful enough, although often lots of fun, without adding the wrong foods to the mix. I agree with Leigh: I LOVE your discipline!

  7. Oh wow! Looks like a very nice trip and great photos as always Karen.