Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New app and cookbook out from my favorite people

 Okay, my to-do list has tasks that are all lined up like these flowers. Taking a quick break to blog about these two things:

There's a new app out that even if you are not Paleo- you may like these recipes. The beef and chicken recipes alone are worth the $0.99 price, in my opinion. (not sure how long the price will last- so get the app fast).

Check out Caveman Creations on iTunes. More info on Abel James' website here.   I already have a few favorite recipes from George's site. I can't wait to try more from the app. Nicely done. Great photos, easy interface. Recipes right where I want them - iPhone in the kitchen.   Paleo or not (okay, unless you are vegan/vegetarian!) these recipes rock. I'll be able to make them for Jr. Family Member and friends, too.

Next,  arriving in Costco soon and Amazon now is Sarah Fragoso's Italian Cookbook. Again, you don't have to be Paleo to enjoy these recipes. The book is a cookbook and a travel log about smaller cities in Italy

I'll post a few reviews on recipes from both places. Flying off to do the rest of my tasks. Safe travels and more blog topics to come.


  1. Hi Karen - iTunes is really expanding. I didn't know they also had apps. Too cool!

  2. Be great to hear what you think about some of the recipes as you try them out.
    Happy cooking

    All the best Jan