Saturday, February 23, 2013

Oven roasted chicken- easy, tasty, batch cooking

One great thing that my Whole30 adventure taught me is that I don't have to haul off and buy a rotisserie chicken as a short cut for batch cooking during the week.

The original recipe I used was at Everyday Paleo.  My photo is posted. I modified the recipe by rubbing the chicken with a little bit of coconut oil before roasting.

Rinse the bird, pull out neck and other parts, pat dry, rub with coconut oil, salt with sea salt. Roast at 450 for an hour or a bit more, until done.

The best things about roasting chicken myself
1. I avoid all the questionable ingredients injected into the store bought, rotisserie chicken
2. The whole house smells wonderful!
3. I have the bones left for bone broth (also makes the house smell good)
3.5 I save money on buying chicken broth, also avoids questionable ingredients.
3.75 The chicken broth no doubt provides a good source of bio-available calcium.
4. The left overs can be frozen into fast snack portions for daily errand running.
5. The chicken is a great protein source in my food template. Jr. Family member agrees.

The few down sides of roasting my own chicken

1. Little bit of prep, cook, and clean up time (worth it!)
2. Must guard the cats from having a meat fest  (they  circle like sharks)  while the chicken cools.
3. I still buy rotisserie chickens- mainly while traveling. Still a good choice by comparison. I  haven't tried borrowing a friend/family member's kitchen yet, or at a hotel with a kitchen, but it's on my list.  
Cats watching live birds


  1. If you really needed to cook one while traveling, and had your car, you could take a crock pot with you. The cats cracked me up. I can just imagine.

    1. Most of my trips are flights, but good idea on the crock pot for the car trips. The cats are great. Love them. :)

  2. i'm very fond of using "cornish hens" when i want the roasted poultry experience -- and it's even easier to clean up! one hour in a 400* oven, and it's done! less fat-spatters in the oven and i don't bother with a rack in the roasting pan.

    1. Hi Tess, I'll have to try cornish hens. sounds good...

  3. I have been in the habit of roasting a chicken on Sunday so I have it for lunches during the week. It is so convenient...and so much cheaper than going out. I make a lot of broth but mostly for my picky canine family members. They like it a top their food.

  4. I HIGHLY recommend you google a recipe for sticky chicken if you have never had it. YUMMMMMY! That would be a wonderful start to a week. I am lazy so I got for the BSCboobies. :)

  5. OH, I just love chicken roasted with rosemary

  6. I love roasting chicken--thanks for the reminder. Sometimes I stuff the cavity with lemon halves and onions or garlic. Yumm! But I never thought about making my own chicken broth--thanks for the idea. Its something I use occasionally, and I hate paying for it!

  7. That chicken looks amazing. I've only roasted a chicken once and I did cornish game hens once. They turned out great.