Thursday, February 14, 2013

Low inflammation, low CRP, my real valentine gift

 One of the best things about my weight loss (Take Shape for Life- Medifast) and my year of Paleo style eating is the decreased inflammation. Decreasing my body inflammation should help in decreasing my heart attack, diabetes risk, and help protect my body in general.   Read more about highly sensitive CRP here.  I'm a lab geek!

My CRP went from

Overweight 70 pounds    6.8 mg/L
Medifast,                         2.8 mg/L
Paleo Template                 0.8 mg/L

Normal range is <3.0 mg/L

I can wear red, pink or any color of shirt on heart awareness day. I can send Valentine's Day cards to many, but I know one  of the best ways to decrease my risk for cardiovascular events is to keep eating foods that are low inflammatory, get enough rest, and manage stress.

No little conversation hearts, no pound of See's Candy, and no little cinnamon red hots. I gave those up for weight maintenance and to dial in my best health. I like my clear mind, low inflammation. It's the best Valentine I've given myself.

Flowers left over from my 1 year maintenance celebration are nice, too!!   My body doesn't know that it is Valentine's Day, but I'll bet my heart - physical and emotional appreciate my new normal.

Happy Valentine's Day. Keep it low inflammatory. Your heart will thank you!


  1. Thanks, EB!!! I'm so stoked. Seeing my blood work look so great after I was Paleo for awhile made me sooooooo happy.