Friday, July 13, 2012

Global Fat Scale Calculator link- from the BBC

I was totally captivated by the global fat scale calculator link from the BBC.

I know that this is not accurate for muscular body types . But interesting to see from a graph/data perspective.

My BMI puts me 91% lower than women in my age group in the US, and 72% lower than women in my age group world wide.

Very interesting. I'm captivated by graphs and data.  And very proud that I found a way to eat to maintain my weight in the BMI of my choosing. I've maintained at a higher BMI, but still in my normal range, but being in the middle of my BMI range feels better.


  1. Hey Karen, something is wrong with your link to this website. I wanted to see it so found it by going directly the BBC News and searching. It's VALUABLE info. Thanks so much. Not sure what's wrong with your link. Maybe you can figure it out so others can find it more easily.

  2. Fixed the link! Thanks, Sharon. There seemed to be some extra text in the link.

    The countries at the lower end of the BMI scale prompted a good discussion with my daughter about food shortage in those countries.