Sunday, July 22, 2012

3 Month opt out period- weight maintenance tool

I'm picking a rule, with a sub-rule from Refuse to Regain (by Barbara Berkeley, MD) to write about. My opinions are my own, your experience may vary.  I would highly recommend the book.

Rule 2
3 Month Opt Out Period

During the first 90 days in weight maintenance, I followed the 12 rules in the Refuse to Regain book, I ate primarily Primarian (also Paleo), and I was actively involved in setting the new normal for weight maintenance. 90 days is a long time, weight maintenance is even longer, so I continue to opt out, even to this day.

Here's what worked for me.

  1. Reading Refuse to Regain 3 months BEFORE I transitioned, to mull over the guidelines
  2. Eating primarian/Paleo from the start. I went from loss right onto maintenance. No food rewards or treats or food I just HAD to have. No trigger foods that lead to gains.
  3. Trying new recipes, reading new blogs, and buying only Primarian/Paelo. Recognizing exposure (not intentional) to trigger foods and stopping right away. I also attended an Everyday Paleo workshop by Sarah Fragoso at the very start of my opt out.
  4. Weighing daily 3 months BEFORE I transitioned.
  5. The wisdom, the courage, and the work to do steps 1-4. Rinse and repeat!
Here's what did not work in the past
  1. Reading but not taking action for weight maintenance.
  2. Eating the foods that contributed to my weight gain, once I was at goal. There is a great post at the Refuse to Regain blog in the archives. Here's the link How to Eat after weight loss
  3. Eating the foods that I used to loose, but using slippery slope thinking "I'm at goal, so I deserve (extra portion, dessert, a cookie!?) because I have more points left in my day...."
  4. Weighing only weekly and skipping weeks at Weight Watchers when I had gained.
  5. Because I was living under the influence of trigger foods, I did not have the peace and clarity of mind to work and try steps that would maintain the loss.  It's that wisdom part that is muted for me when I expose myself to triggers. 


  1. Okay, now I know I have to get the Refuse to Regain book and get busy reading! Thanks for sharing the link on how to eat after weight loss.

    Did you find Dr. A's book helpful, as well?

    1. I did find it helpful in a different sort of way. Dr. A's book is higher level. I wanted much more of a set plan and more structure. There is a lot of overlap and the Medifast Maintenance seems to have a lot of common things (except for the wheat/grain servings- and the soy!!!)

      Maybe you can get Dr. A's book on ebay?

    2. Thanks, Karen. I may just go with Refuse to Regain for now.

  2. I haven't read the book either although I follow her blog. I'm so familiar with that "slippery slope thinking". Ugh. Must get past that but I'm not sure I ever will. :(

    1. Caron, I think it will be a life long task for me. It's been good for me to practice staying on the straight and narrow. :)

  3. Love that book so very much! I saw your before and after pictures in one of your earlier blogs - you look great!

  4. I probably won't buy the book but congrats on having a method and sticking to it! I've been at goal weight twice now and rebounded, I'm hoping third time's a charm.

    1. Hello Me,

      Yes, this is my third time at maintenance, too. The other two were WW lifetime goals. I promised myself that I would succeed. Somehow, in my mind, right before I started, I knew I would this time. Self fulfilling process. I stopped thinking "I hope" and started thinking I WILL do this. No matter what. The 90 day opt out helped me a lot!!

  5. I originally found the Refuse to Regain book at the library and I skimmed it while I was overweight and promised myself that I would check it out again nearing goal weight. So glad I did.

    I also see it in Barnes and Nobel. I'm famous for going to B&N and grabbing coffee and staying to read for a while.

    I bought the book and place it under my glass coffee table so its in plain sight. good reminder.