Sunday, July 22, 2012

Before and After, 40 weeks

May 3, 2011(before ) to February 3, 2012  (goal weight) 72 pound loss

What!!!!???  I'm missing my head. And, 72 pounds. I feel and look at lot different!

And, happy to be maintaining 1-2 pounds below my goal weight at almost 6 months into my Jr. Maintenance year.

It's all good!


  1. Wow, Karen! What a difference! You look fantastic, even without your head, haha! And to have maintained (below your goal) after six months is something to proud of. Very, very proud.


  2. Thanks, Tena! I do feel very proud. I do think this is the longest I have ever maintained. It feels good. A relief to have found my way.

  3. Sometimes when I have a major sinus infection, my head feels like it WEIGHS 72 pounds!! LOL! You look great - Congratulations. You are an inspiration to me as I start my maintenance journey right behind you! Hope we can encourage each other.

  4. LOL, Sharon. So true on the sinus thing. That's the good thing about eating low inflammatory, I haven't had a sinus infection since. Good luck on maintenance. I find it to be a lot of work, cooking, but less stress this time around. It's good to have others in the same phases of weight maintenance.

  5. You look great, Karen! I'd be interested in some tips on how to make the cooking lower stress.

  6. Hi Hils,

    I batch cook on most Sunday's and I sautee up a storm of vegetables during the week for reheating and eating. I freeze cooked meats into serving sizes so I can grab and go. I have a knife and cutting board in my lunch bag, so if time is short, I can chop later.

    I also stock olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and pre-packaged almonds at work. I bag up half servings of macadamia nuts, too.

    Fair amount of work, but cheaper in the end, tasty and I remain at goal weight. Good trade off!

  7. What was your pant size difference from one picture to the other? Did you carry your excess more on torso or thighs/butt? I love the pics!

    1. I went from a 16-18 to a size 4-6 (mainly size 4 now). I carried my weight in my hips/thighs, but I had started to loose my waist. I'll have to post a current pic on my home page, soon.