Friday, July 27, 2012

Back to not tracking food

Check it out! I spent the last week not tracking my food. The last time I did not track my food was from mid-April to mid-May. I was stressed that I would start to re-gain.

This time, I've got more experience into maintenance and feel more comfortable. I'm not using the not tracking to eat off the rails or to eat junk and not count it. Just eating from my food template and routine, Paleo/Paleo-ish  type of diet. I've recently dropped most dairy, so it's more Paleo than primal.

I still cannot eat intuitively.  That so does not work for me. Intuitively, I'd like to fall face first into a jar of jelly beans or wood fired pizza. STILL. But, I don't. EVER. And that's okay. The benefits of a stable, normal weight are so worth it. My regular foods taste fabulous. The sugar/wheat dulled those tastes.

And yes, I've posted my weight. Goal is 115.4. I'm super short 5'1'' so no complaints about the low number. This is mid BMI for me, totally normal.

Life is good! :)


  1. I shop in the Petites section too, so I get it! I'm 5'3 and my ultimate (mid-BMI) goal is 125 lbs (currently down from 203 and holding in the upper 130s for almost a year).

    And I too can't eat intuitively. I know it might be right for some, but I have big sugar issues, and have for most of my life.

  2. Random question: I like the clean interface of your weight tracker software. Is that MyFitnessPal or some other program? Thanks!

  3. You have done so well! I'm short too but a couple of inches taller than you. I'll never be able to eat intuitively. If I could do that, I would never have been fat. I'm happy with what I eat too and over the years my tastes have really changed. It's hard to explain to someone just starting out how really good a serving of watermelon is or a big salad. Ever onward. :-)

  4. Great job with staying at a great weight without tracking. That's what maintenance is about because who could track forever? I couldn't.

    I'm not an intuitive eater and have accepted that I never will be. I have to think about my food choices rather than letting my body lead the way. I'd end up with several bags of candy in my cart if I just let my mind guide me.