Friday, January 6, 2012

Excercise & Fitness challege- week 1, Jan 2012

 I decided to join the fitness and the 14 Super food challenge over at Escape from Obesity. The fitness challenge (link here. Super food will be a separate post.

My fitness goal is to : Strength train 2-3 days each week. About 20 minutes each session.

Last Tuesday: I tried some exercises from Strong Women Stay Slim. It was nice to return to those exercises, but I'll need heavier weights at home to progress. I used these exercises during another weight loss and enjoyed them. Now I belong to a gym, so I'll probably save the free weights for the gym most days.

 Last night (still Friday, PST!!!) I tried my first Kettle bell routine- I got a 5 pound Kettle bell at Burlington Coat factory for cheap and it came with a CD. I enjoyed this work out very much, although I was concerned that I might let go and cause major damage in my family room!!! Great moderate aerobic efforts and strength exercises for your legs and arms. I'll definitely keep this in my routine for home strength training.

Next week- scheduling days on the calendar to go to the gym.


  1. Hey Karen, I have both of those books. I do a circuit routine at the gym, but could really do more. Maybe I need to dust those books off and look inside again. My daughter gave me a kettle bell & dvd. I did them regularly for a while, until my surgery. Another exercise I should re-commence. Maybe with this winter weather outside is a good time to start. How's your garden doing?

  2. Hi Tish. I love the books, but keeping the correct weight set around my very small home is a challenge. But taking a break from the gym is nice, too.

    It's a rainy day in So. Cal so I'm thinking of breaking out that Kettlebell. So glad that they warn you to watch your face on some of the moves ;) I loved the aerobic, stretching, strength combo that the kettle bell brings.

    Ahhh, the garden. Not much going on right now. I'll make a blog entry soon. Aemonium's are blooming. Very pretty yellow. The freesia's are popping up everywhere, the bella donna lilies are nice and green.

    Thanks for commenting. This rain will help some basil,cilantro, and lettuce grow fast. :)

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