Sunday, July 2, 2017

Primal Play while taking care of myself- out enjoying a bit of stay-cation July 2017

Hello I'll. I'm working on my 5 year 5 month weight maintenance update.
To be honest, I feel much more like playing this summer rather than blogging.

1.  Playing on the coast via walking, beach combing and hiking.

Primal Play: My cube farm stair sprints are paying off as I can walk some of the rocky beach cliff trails, tide pool rocks and lose rocks and have great core balance and strength.
Scripps Coastal Preserve, La Jolla, CA

2.  Photography and thinking about natural history

Primal play, picking things up like fossils, holding them in my hand, putting them back!, photographing them and thinking about evolution, food we used to eat, sustainability, getting my hands and feet wet in the inter-tidal zone. 

As a kid, I dreamed about this life. Now I chose to live it. Life really is good. Much gratitude and setting long term goals so I can do this my whole natural life. 

Fossil Oyster Reef  remains 45 to 50 million years old!  Encinitas CA

3. Health check ups 

Ophthalmologist eye dilation
Yeah, I had some eye floaters. Ophthalmologist says no retinal involvement, just aging with a deep case of nearsightedness.  Whew!!! Several family members have had to deal with blindness due to different diseases. It would remove one of my favorite hobbies photography. Vision impairments are tough diseases to live with. 

Primal play:  GO, Go to the beach, photograph, hike, read and have never ending gratitude for my eyesight. 

Eyes WIDE OPEN ( dilated pupil complements of the ophthalmologist)

4. Work in a field that I love

Current job assignment has me walking in 100+ heat part of the day. Uphill, tough walking conditions. And, it's my job. Much more physical than I thought. 

Primal play: Good conditioning- via gym, hiking, and sprints in tough weather conditions helps keep me well and mostly injury free- at least reduced.  I have a pretty good work attendance record, too. That way I can use vacation time for vacation, not for sick time. 

Yeah, with all the fun comes work, too. Food, exercise , work for a career to be financially fit, health  checks. 

If I can blend in Primal Play with the work and see the WIN-WIN, it's all good. I wouldn't go back to my old habits

Mobility and lower visceral fat for the WIN.
I have better mobility and movement at a normal weight

What didn't work 

1. Sitting too long.  Sitting watching TV. Sitting knitting. Sitting reading, Sitting hobbies.  I do sitting activities now, but not nearly as often. Sitting too much contributed to my morbid obesity, for sure!

2. I didn't move well or often. I physically could not go every where I wanted. It took me away from amazing opportunities.  Having so much visceral fat was movement limiting, for sure
At my highest weight 2012

3. I avoided the doctor, knowing that they'd tell me I was going to get sick and diabetic, with a higher cancer risk from the known obesity and cancer risks. Sticking my head in the sand was not a good plan. It didn't feel good then and it sure wasn't effective. 

4. One of my why's was walking up that hill at work in 103 F degree temps and knowing they'd find me passed out or worse. I couldn't walk from the parking lot, up a slight incline without shortness of breath when it was cool weather. 

That helped me lose weight AND it keeps me maintaining.  Here's to a WIN-WIN motivation to you. I'm telling you there's a lot of advantages in working on weight maintenance, even while on stay-cation. 

Hope you are out playing out doors, too, as the weather permits, since I know the Kiwi's are in the middle of winter right now. :)


  1. Nosy question. I thought you worked in a lab and I wonder how long, hard treks are part of the job?

    1. Part of my Job requires me to follow the sample and that means taking internal and external clients over the whole campus. The whole campus is pretty big and part of it is down a big hill. There are golf carts shuttle vans and an assortment of people going to and from. I'm off the wet bench now and out of the production lab It's an interesting job but much more physical than it looks like on paper which is fine by me. Medical labs can be spread out on campuses all across the US so it's not that different from working in a university or large hospital lab in any big city.