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Instagram Book reviews June 2017, why I eat beef and feel great, plus be results focused in weight maintenance- stop fussing!

1. Instagram Story- Karen's Paleo Life

I'm reviewing  Paleo, Weight Maintenance, and other books every day that I like and why. I'll do a blog post with a summary later this year.  PS- not an ad, I'm just a big Robb Wolf fangirl. :)

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It's a lot faster to talk about it on a video.Hint: You can see my Instagram account without your own account by clicking the link. You can't see my Insta Story without an app.

What works for me:
  • Reading and learning from books, then testing and ONLY bringing what works for me along.
What doesn't work for me
  • Following 100% what WW or other Paleo/LCHF/ KETO gurus  had to say about weight maintenance. Failure to customize and think on my own.

2. Beef (Question from our bloggy friend Ali)- How often do I eat beef?

Answer: I eat beef daily or every other day. On my off beef day I'll have eggs, chicken and sardines or oysters or Dover Sole.

I've got to say I feel 100% awesome when I eat grass-fed or heck, just regular beef from Costco. I like to support grass-fed beef growers, but if I'm at Costco and I need beef, I'll buy organic or regular, too.

 Besides feeling great when I eat beef (always with some leafy greens)

I know that the work The Savory Institute is doing for Holistic Land Management and that includes grass-fed beef. Be sure to check out  the Savory Institute's video here and the positive impact beef is having when land and animals are managed correctly.

Also, I like the reasoning by Diana Rodgers for needing to eat beef for fertilizer for our garden plants. I'm a sucker for soil health and the reasons that Diana brings to her writing really hit home for me.

What works for me

  • Observing how I look, feel and perform after I eat beef (and any food)
  • Using my finances to shop and support grass-fed beef farmers. Hey, even organically farmed beef is going to be better than factory farming. I applaud The Savory Institute, Diana Rodgers and others speaking up about the importance of well managed animal protein and farming practices. 
What didn't work for me in the past:
  • Avoiding beef because WW higher WW points than plant protein and other groups said it was "BAD" for me I'm telling you those fake tofu highly processed foods were terrible for me, my weight maintenance, my auto-immune disease, my joints and probably my environment, too. I stayed overweight and sick by avoiding grass-fed, well managed animal protein.
  • I would rather see land in So. Cal restored with properly managed cows than lots of water going for almond trees, golf courses, and other water heavy activities. 

Fat, Protein, Fasting, Podcast changes:  Less fussing, more results focused. 

Karen,PaleoFx 15, Robb Wolf, Farm-to-Consumer
Get-over-it, move a long and motor through. There's been some fussing around lately about what works best.
Coming from a weight maintenance perspective, some things are going to work better for an individual. You and I are going to have different results. 

Weight maintenance, joint pain, inflammation, over eating, strength, sleeping, stress reduction. We are as different as we are the same. 

 I'm with Robb Wolf,  see how you look, feel and perform, do some glucose testing and self experimenting and power through.  Grab Robb's latest book, Wired to Eat and do some self experimenting with your glucose meter. 

 Best practice: I would say that for weight maintenance- seeing how you respond to certain foods is going to keep you maintaining a lot longer, with better health results. 

I could be wrong, but I don't think so.Your results are going to differ from your spouse, kid, parent, friend, co-worker, your neighbor. 

Less fussing around with protein/fat, more self testing, please. Your body will reward you with what works. Or your best body and life if you are managing disease states. 

17:7 fasting works well for me, but longer fasts don't. Eating early in the day keeps me really lean, eating later in the day puts 8-10 lbs on my very short 5'1" frame. That's uncomfortable and makes me more likely to be overweight again. 

Grain does not work for me, but I can have an entire serving of 85% chocolate and not binge eat. I cannot have dairy and nuts, but I can have lots of leafy greens, colored veggies along with meat, olive oil, fatty fish. Eating below 27 grams of carbs a day makes me lose my intestinal mucous. Eating 30-50 grams of carbs today keeps my glucose and my intestines happy. 

Weight maintenance requires more fat for me. Weight loss requires me to drop my total intake a bit and bring my fat and protein grams closer to 1:1. 

I can't argue those facts. It is what it is for me. Others may have different results. That's cool. 

For weight maintenance, be sure to manage the process. Don't get too smitten with one method  or approach. Weight maintenance can often require a different approach as you age. Move on if it doesn't work for you. 

Best Practice: Be especially cautious if someone is selling something that doesn't work for them.  Books, supplements, services. 

Keep your eyes wide open and keep learning. Move on quickly or sit and stay awhile. Critical thinking is key. 

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