Tuesday, July 4, 2017

July 4, 2017 Independence from things that hold us back in weight maintenance

Beach Camp Ground Flag, Carlsbad, CA

Happy July 4th, 2017
What's working for me in 2017

Independence from 

1. Binge triggers
2. Morbid Obesity
3. Overweight and Obesity
4. Most joint pain
5. High Glucose readings
6. Eating to soothe feelings

Dependence upon (what didn't work before May 2011)

1. Consuming known binge triggers under the excuse of "everything in moderation"
2. Morbid Obesity- hurt my joints, hurt emotionally, hurt financially in more illnesses
3. Overweight and Obesity- yo-yo made me a 4-6 size clothes storing and buying junkie
4. All over joint pain- dependent on massive bottles of Advil. 300-400 a year.
5. A high carb, low fat diet - I was sugar dependent eating 6 am -10 pm to fuel, almost type 2 diabetic
6. Dependent on sugar, grains, snacks, food emulsifiers, nuts shovel food constantly rather than deal

Three cheers to finding Paleo, Low Carb, Time Restricted Eating Windows and finally Keto

(Keto because time restricted eating and LC)

Three thunks on my head for allowing myself to stay stuck so freaking long that I continued to be
Dependence upon (what didn't work in the past)

1. Dependent upon sugary snacks (Cliff bars while training for half marathons)

2. Dependent upon getting worse and worse while proclaiming mightily "It's okay, I'm a WW member"

As if showing up to sit in the meeting granted me immunity from weight gain- I got a lot of head pats and sugar coating that was pretty enabling-IMO, that kept me hooked for along time. It's not WW fault, it was my responsibility to take myself out of that dynamic when I knew it didn't work, but like a true food junkie I knew I'd get a 3 points candy bar handed to me if I attended that week-oooooooh, 3 points....it's within my points budget this week- hmmm- I gained pound, oh wel-LOL-)

3. Dependent upon storing and buying all those clothes without stopping the cycle (hint that much yo-yo dieting is a sign)

4. Dependent upon pain killers (thank goodness I stopped at Advil)

5. Dependent upon eating food every 2-3 hrs thinking it would lead me to lean ( it made me more obese)

6. Dependent upon my disease to get food high, repent repeat (that's one heck of a cycle)

No would have, could have, should have.   I don't beat myself up, however setting boundaries, limits, and using critical thinking are key for not hopping back on the cyclic nature of weight regain, habits and behaviors.

Immense gratitude for food sobriety and all the wisdom along the way.

Here's to independence from what keeps you free! Onward. Break the cycle. The answers are inside of you. It takes a lot of work and eyes wide open thinking to break free.

What cycles have you become independent from, not to return?  Could be food, drink, domestic violence, tobacco, drugs, spending, gambling, internet, or any number of cycles.

Cycles and Patterns- look for them, they are everywhere!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss success. And, Happy 4th of July. Truly and Independence Day in many way.

    1. Thank you very much, Carol!!! :)

  2. They handed out candy bars at WW meetings?

    1. Yes, 2-3 points bars are equivalent to candy bars, cliff bars, luna bars, balance bars. Grains, sugars, dried fruits, protein powder. It's candy dressed up in a health halo. It certainly won't lead to lean mass gain and fat loss for approx. 50% or so of their clients.

      And WW makes money on food, not meetings, so best to get'm hooked while you have 'em live. They'd pass out the new hyperpalatable mocha nut chocolate flavor and encourage us " oh, it's a treat, it's 3 points and you can trade them for exercise". Tee-Hee implied.

      It dawned on me that by walking through the meeting doors, I was hurting my weight loss and I wouldn't be able to maintain, food addition aside. WW grooms their folks well, and they are publicly held company, so they have to. Wise for stock holders. Pretty sad for those of us needing to be grain free and free from compulsive over eating.