Saturday, July 29, 2017

ADAPT Study- (Tuft's) for Adhering to Dietary Approaches for Personal Taste- July 2017 enrollment link

**Enrollment link is here:

** Edited to add Study PI invited all to participate*

I participated in the Tuft's ADAPT feasibility study (had 14,000 participants) in 2015 via Tufts. The current 12 week questionnaire study (Summer 2017)  could use more variety in participants.

I hope that you'll click through and sign up for the 12 week study, one 24 hr period of dietary recall six weeks into the study.

I hope you'll head over and participate. It doesn't matter what dietary food template you use, so chime in.

Customizing my food template Paleo, then Low Carb Paleo combined with abstaining and 17:7 Intermittent Fasting have combined to bet the most delicious, nutritious, and best weight mainatenenace with the leanest, most muscular body of my life.

Amazing after 40 years of overweight, binge eating and morbid obesity. I wasn't "doomed" after all. I did have to adapt. I've got to say my current food template tastes great and my health has not really been better.

There's a lot of dietary approaches out there. Your body will let you know which ones work better for you. Critical thinking and action IS required for order vs chaos.

Refuse to Regain Barbara Berkeley is right, I deserve the body I've earned my post morbid obesity body and her 12 rules helped me think critically AND create order out of past weight maintenance attempts that were chaos and didn't work.

Too much dietary advice without critical thinking be like- Y THO?

 What works now

1. Paleo, Low Carb, Intermittent fasting 17:7.
I adapted to low carb and my body rewards me for listening! May '11 to July '17

What didn't work in the past

1. Not employing critical thinking and eating Low Fat, High Carb, WW frozen meals, moderating sugar and grains, not fasting and eating 18, hours all day long

Y' THO? Indeed!

Who else has enrolled in studies like these, National Weight Loss Registry?


  1. I got my packet from the NWCR last week - now I need to call my gynecologist (longest-standing MD relationship of **gulp** 35 yrs!?!) to ask for verification of my highest "official" weight (I was pushing 230 at several points, but would go on crash diet when I had dr's appt which would make me "only" 224 or so)... Holding steadily around 195 for 2.5 yrs now with hopes of getting back to my pre-thyroidectomy weight of 180 if/when I get delicate balance of thyroid replacement hormones straightened out & diet cleaned up a little further! Energy levels still problematic. You look great, Karen!

    1. Thanks, Val. Every time I go to enroll in the NWCR, someone passes away in my family. EVERY time. I'm creeped out to the max, even though I know it's coincidence, I stopped trying to get on the registry. Sad, I know, but I'm not ready to lose anyone else for a while. LOL.

      Wow! 35 years... Yes- good luck on your thyorid adjustments. I find I don't get offered the right blood work tests (and I get them for FREE!) for weight maintenance (and loss) being a hormonal thing. Hunting and pecking on my own food template then waiting takes nerves of steel.

      Good luck and keep up the good work. :) Thanks for stopping by the blog.

  2. Love your recent picture Karen, you do look great.
    Enjoy this month of August.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thank you Jan!! August has been a good, but busy month.