Sunday, September 13, 2015

I feel so much better on a Paleo-ish , LCHF food template- deep thoughts on a Sunday

I FEEL BETTER: I feel better.... I feel so much better now.

Eating in a Paleo-ish food template (lower carb, higher natural fat, very low processed foods) is like life in color vs life in black and white. It's life, but through a very rich color filter.
Carlsbad, CA just north of Carlsbad Cliffs, Sept 2015

What's working now:  Paleo-ish food template

I eat, I feel full,
I live life with normal activities and thoughts,
I feel normal hunger, just a little bit,
I eat, I feel full, more living life
I have natural sleepiness, I sleep
Wake up feeling rested

Eat, live, be present, rest, repeat

Life in Black and White

What didn't work in the past:   Eating Grains and Sugars, and food emulsifiers (guar & xanthan gum

I'm starving, I eat all  the things,
I rarely feel full, I eat more
I go about my day, when can I eat again?
I need to eat, find a place to binge, food seek,
Did someone bring treats, can I eat them in secret after eating them in public?
I eat, I binge,I'm starving,I don't feel full,
When can I eat again? Because I've blown it
I binge, I feel terrible, I'll start tomorrow.
I wake up groggy and not well rested

Eat, Repent, Repeat

I can live life either way. One is better. I feel better. I wouldn't trade a sugar laden or grain food for the new life. I feel so much better....  I choose this. I feel better.

Okay, that's enough deep thoughts for this morning. Here's to finding living color.


  1. Life is so much better in color! :-) And, yes, eating the right foods makes a huge difference in all aspects of your life!

    1. Yeah! Thanks Andrea. The foods that work the best for our bodies ( it will be different for everyone) really does have a rich trickle down effect.

  2. Thank you for being a voice of abstinence on the Internet and for continuing to keep this blog active! I cannot tell you how much I have learned form you, and I don't even know you! You have great insights and resources, and I find a lot of great information from your own story but from the resources you willingly share. Through you I have learned not to fear fat, and that there are other things that could be more problematic for my body. As a result of reading you and some of the ideas you share, I am changing my food template and doing it willingly! So please do not underestimate how much people can learn from you.

    Also I am enjoy he Half Size Me community and all the comments you add to the group and I appreciate how encouraging you are to people.

    1. Thanks, Ali. Lot's of people abstain from food, and each person's abstaining template is customized. Okay so people are doing something that works, but it's very quiet- anonymous as they rightly so choose , and it's custom. That's okay. I get it. I draw heavily on those techniques. But I'm not held to the quiet part.

      I'm just pleased that people like Gretchen Rubin talks about abstaining (she's also low carb- she spoke on Jimmy Moore's 1000 episode).

      Robb Wolf called moderating all foods BS at Paleo FX. Mark Sisson talked about abstaining from wine because at age 60, his liver just isn't processing it any more (he will still have a glass once and a while, but he did notice and tested for 60 days).

      Dr. Berkelely (Refuse to Regain) author encouraged us to talk about what worked for us, to lead or even mentor others once we were past being weight maintenance juniors.

      Glad to pay it forward. A metabolic tsunami is taking over the US and world. Real food is real simple, yet complex to implement in the current culture. We need that cultural shift. Examples of full time single parents who work full time, cook home made foods or teach their older kids to cook for the family. Real foods. I'd love to volunteer to teach teens to cook when the parents have to work multiple jobs. I get it , I so get it. Maybe when I have more time in a few years.

      Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad I can pay it forward. I hope to be part of the solution at a deep, deep level. I really needed real foods when I was an obese elementary school kid. And I had the fortune of learning how to cook from my family and neighborhood.
      Keep up the great work. I'll keep blogging while I can time/sleep wise. 70-80% of things resolved for me just by dumping foods that my body didn't handle metabolically.

  3. PS please disregard all the crazy typos on my comment as I am typing on my iPad.

  4. Thanks Karen for your blog and sharing your experience and insight. It inspires me to stay the course :)

    1. Thanks, Katie. I'm in this for the long haul. I might as well talk about it. I know it's a lot of work, so keep going.

  5. Great post again Karen ...

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. My genetype and phenotype are pretty happy on LCHF.