Saturday, September 5, 2015

3 years, 7 months weight maintenance update

3 Years, 7 months in long term weight maintenance. Formerly binge eater, morbidly obese.

Starting Weight: 187.4
Current Weight: 119.8
Goal range 113-119
Height 5'1"
Age 49
Yo-Yo dieter age 6-46 
Menopause: 2 years
Hashimoto's Disease 1997
Food Template: Low Carb Paleo-ish (see IG)
Binge Urges & thoughts: very rare
Walking: 12,000-15,000 steps/ day (5-6 miles)
Strength training 2X per week

Oooohh! My stats are starting to look like a baseball card.

Ah, I'm still above goal, despite my best efforts to take a few pounds off over the month. I'm still tinkering with a few small experiments with getting off this plateau.

I've got two weight palteau's in weight maintenance. One is 115-117 lbs. The other is 119-121 or so. This has been the case my whole life. Don't get me wrong, it's the difference between being in a BMI of 21 or 22.

 I'm not being too Weight Maintenance Princess like. Weight Maintenance is a privilege that I earn meal in, meal out because food addiction was killing me slowly.  Food either makes me well or keeps me sick.

I just want my long term health outcomes and my $40/month health insurance discount. That's not too much to ask of myself. I get more in return like more vacation time, a credit on my health care spending card, more time engaging with my daughter, practicing photography, easily jumping around on slippery tide pools, speaking in in front of groups, more focused at work.

I feel okay at the higher weight range, but I feel even better in the lower range. Just a preference. My clothes fit (size six) in either range.

One thing that is true, I have very good blood bio markers, blood pressure, sleep, strength at either weight range.  I have the option to choose either, but one may be beneficial over the other. I'll always be at the mercy of my thyroid med balance. I had my medical check up earlier this week (blog posts on that coming soon)

What's working now
1. Still tracking on My Fitness Pal
1.5 Still daily weighing
2. Still making small changes here or there and overall, starting to stay below 120 with my weight.
3. Battling and epic sinus virus for about 10 days now. Ouch. Just when I think I'm feeling awesome, this thing knocks me on my butt.

What did not work in the past
1. Not tracking my food intake- Paleo or not.
1.5. Not weighing in and finally 3 months later being 5-10 pounds heavier, Oh well, I'd say
2. Not adjusting my food template in response to massive weight gain.
3. Just taking anti-antibiotics at the drop of a hat and medicating the heck out of my colds.

Alright that's my update. I'm glad I update every month. It feels good to own my outcome, self-efficacy is a gift.


  1. I think you work darn hard, Karen, to be called a maintenance princess. You allow zero room for trigger foods (or incredibly indulgent food) so I think you would want to be within the range you have set yourself. And you are small so that's a huge difference. When you get over the hump, please shar with, if you are willing, what worked. It may not work exactly for me (I am up a few pounds now), but I learn from your process. I think that's one of the Mose beneficial things about coming here is that you share what a process this is for you (instead of just changing one thing). But I guess that's the scientist in you!

    1. Ali, thanks... I've got a few theories, but until I test them out and repeat them I shall not make wild guesses. Even if I think I ID an easy root cause, I've learned I can be wrong, wrong, wrong.

      At either the 115-117 range or the 119-121 range, I still can live pretty well, disease free. Contrast this with constant illness, mental and emotional pain and excuses while re-gaining in the 128-132 range the 142-145 range 158-160 range, and the oh so painful and miserable 180-181 range vs the I'm binge eating and I don't care 185-189 sit on the couch eat anything and everything- I don't care if I break 200 (never did).

      As you can see there's a blog post brewing here...

  2. Sorry to hear about your sinus virus ... not nice. Hope you feel a lot better real soon.
    Well done on your maintaining.
    Love the colour of your top - it really suits you.

    All the best Jan

    1. Jan, thanks! I rarely get sick, so I'd like to stomp my feet and play all Paleo Princess and say " Well I'm Paleo so I don't get sick..." LOL. Nobody is immune from infection. I although my recovery time and infection severity is less... LOL. Truth.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you and Eddie are well.

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