Monday, May 4, 2015

Weight Maintenance update - 3 years, 3 months and 4 years abstaining from gluten & most sugar

May 3, 2015- 4 years abstaining from most all processed sugar and gluten. That's a very cool celebration. 

I've got before and after photos, weight graphs, and a very important celebration before I deep dive into PaleoFx 2015 topics. If that's not your thing, move along. There are lots of other blogs for you.  

Before weight: 187.4
Current Weight: 118.6
Weight Maintenance Range: 113-119
Age: 49
Height: 5'1"
Years maintaining: 3 years, 3 months
Years abstaining: 4
Did I lapse or binge eat in those 4 years: yes, little
Menopause: 2 years

 This month: Okay, I'm shifting and trending higher at the end of this month. Travel, bacon, and conventional salt will do that. It's no big deal and a normal weight pivot for long term weight maintenance for me.

I'm back to my home food template. A few weeks and my weight will settle into a few pounds lower, most likely. 

I'm still food sober. 4 years of long term abstinence.  That's a lot of hard work, mindfulness, meals, working on good sleep habits, and doing what works for me and leaving the rest behind.

It's also a lot of food shopping, preparing, batch cooking, hauling lunches to work, doing dishes, and general kitchen clean up.

It's also a lot of prioritizing sleep,  where and how I spend time and money, working on habits, reading books, blogs, and getting and giving support.

No, it's not my whole life, but I LOVE my new normal. Wouldn't go back for anything. Really. I can't think of any reason to go back to the mental and physical pain of the past. Nope. 40 years of compulsive overeating since the age of 6-46.  Now four years into the next 40 years.  4 years down, 36 more to live life on food sober terms.

 What's working for me

1. Eating a real food, paleo-ish food template- low carb, healthy fat is my food template now.

2. Daily weighing. It keeps my slippery slope thinking at arm's length. For me it works.

3. Getting enough sleep.

4. Thinking for myself.

5. Walking 5-6 miles a day.

6. Strength training 1-2x per week.

What didn't work in the past:

1. Moderating junk food at Weight Watchers and counting points, calorie counting. Worked in my 30's for weight loss, terrible for my binge eating and for long term weight maintenance

2.  Never weighing in and taking swift actions for re-gains. Lots of slippery slope thinking.

3. I didn't sleep enough

4. I cared what US News reported about weight loss programs and didn't think for myself.

5. I walked maybe 2 miles a day and thought I was "walking a lot!"

6. I didn't do any upper body work at all.

So happy to be in this place in life.


  1. Congrats, Karen! So glad for you success! Thank you for sharing so much of your journey. I enjoy your blog very much.

    1. Thank you Jane, hope you are well. Good to hear from you.

  2. Awesome! Love to hear about Commitment to a long-term healthy lifestyle that you're happy about, and don't resent. Too many people spend too much time feeling deprived about what they can't or shouldn't have, rather than looking at all the good stuff they do have

    1. I loved that comment Jeanette!! Just thought I'd say :)

    2. Thank you both Jeanette and Lynda. :) I can tell you I eat big plates of food. No deprivation here. Just fullness (normal) and tasty food, every meal.

  3. This set of before and after is just stunning. :D Happy for you.


  4. You have much to celebrate ... well done.

    All the best Jan

  5. You are achieving what most find impossible in their lives... maintaining your weight loss! As we both know, the only way this is possible is a total change of lifestyle and you have done that. You really are doing an amazing job!!

  6. Thank you Lynda! I think the work I did in the first 2 years is really paying off the second 2 years. I'll always need to change up as I age, but getting a solid foundation was key. Still looking forward to your photos this month. :)

  7. You are such a role model for me, Karen! I love these updates - and that they are carrying longer, and longer years and months along with them. That's fantastic, and you are a fine example of doing the work and committing to what works for YOU!