Saturday, May 16, 2015

Paleo Fx 2015 recap- part 1, new friends

Paleo FX 2015 Roommates- Diana and Janelle
Part 1 of my Paleo Fx 2015 recap- New Friends

My favorite part about Paleo FX 2015 was meeting new friends. Roommates, vendors, attendees from the vendor floor, people on my fight, airport bus, hotel breakfast area.

Each place I went was an opportunity to talk to people who were friendly, happy, and healthier than we were before. So great to share our stories and experiences.

There were a lot of people just like me- who's health and wellness were and are better eating Paleo. None of us gave a hoot about low carb, high carb, but we cared greatly about :

1. Feeling better ourselves, the illnesses that are gone by eating grain free & low processed foods.
2. Sharing our stories of how we arrived.
3. Sharing what worked for us, what didn't and why.
4. Sharing our favorite speakers, messages, books, strategies- eating, work out, life.
5. Enjoying our time in the conference, eating out, and exploring Austin.

Most awesome of all were my PaleoFx 2015 Roommates, Diana and Janelle.

Diana has attended PaleoFX and AHS before several times. She knows a lot of the speakers and is an extrovert. She asks a lot of questions, doesn't hesitate to ask for what she wants. It was so, so awesome to meet her and to be introduced to folks that I would not have meant otherwise . It was so easy to talk to Diana. Loved, loved, loved meeting her and being at Paleo Fx with her.

Diana could also advise us on exactly how long it took to walk from place to place and we took several awesome trips to the biggest Whole Foods I will likely ever be in the rest of my life.

Janelle was new to PaleoFx like I was. She is also a budding life coach. And good at it, too! I enjoyed chatting with her. Janelle took advantage of the Fit Score testing at Paleo Fx. So proud of her for performing all the tests available to her. I admired that a lot. And Janelle is so, so easy to talk to. I look forward to following Janelle along on her life coaching and next steps in her life. Follow her on Instagram, too!  Janelle has a blog also, One Bite at a Time, A Journey of Clean Eating.

Whole Foods Austin has a BBQ Smoker on the property!!
I've got to just say, I hit the jackpot in roomies. It also helped that I got in first to Austin and the hotel, went to Whole Foods and bought a pound of smoked brisket and half a chicken to heat up for dinner the first night. LOL! I set up a few paleo snacks so we could fuel as needed.

Smoked Brisket!!!  BBQ Chicken!!! Can't go wrong there.

Paleo-ish Room Snacks- Paleo FX 2015 avocados, oysters, 85% chocolate

I met Chef Lance Roll, The Flavor Chef and drank the fantastic broth. Chef Lance makes his broth about 10 minutes away from where I live in San Diego County.  How fortunate!  We had a nice chat on the airport shuttle on the way home.

Karen and The Paleo Boss Lady

The Paleo Boss Lady!!!  Also a regional favorite (she's in the LA area).
 Reversing some of the effects of her MS and sharing her story. Wow! I've followed her on social media for a while now and I was happy to meet her in person. Step 1, Manifest your life- Own your own sh*t. Indeed!!!!

Great to meet in person.

I sat behind Christine Moore, Jimmy Moore's wife at the "Ask the Paleo Experts talk". Enlarge the back of Christine's shirt to read this story of reversal of many symptoms. Lots of people read the back of her shirt but she said I was the only one to photograph it. Glad I brought my camera to the event!!! :)

Christine Moore- aka Jimmy Moore's wife.
Christine and Jimmy Moore Paleo FX 2015

Of course, it was nice to see Jimmy Moore again. I'll be devoting a whole post to meeting the "Famous Paleo People".
Janelle (my roommate), Jimmy Moore, and Diana (my other roommate)

Alea of Taste of Paleo
Oh I got to meet another person I correspond with in social media, Alea from Taste of Paleo. She was so, so sweet. She recognized me and totally fan girled me. Wow!!! Honored and I suspect that I'll meet Alea again. Especially since the Taste of Paleo is August 15, 2015 and is up in the OC and less than an hour away.  Road trip!!!!

I need to grab my Paleo "On the fence" friends and put them in the car for this event. I'm telling you, even though I have to be mindful of my food choices as a grain and processed sugar abstainer,  there's nothing like some great on plan,  Paleo food to get someone to try out a few recipes at home.

Okay What worked well for me:

1. Using the PaleoFx Room and Ride share
2. Planning and gathering a good food environment, starting in my hotel room 
3. Taking time to seek out some of my favorite Paleo social media friends.

What didn't work so well:

1. The housing of my Life Proof Case iPhone steamed up due to heat outside and I lost a few photos. Live and learn in the hot Austin Texas weather.

Next up: "Famous Paleo People" and photos, and key learnings from the event


  1. It looks like a great time Karen! Cool too when you meet some of the "famous" people huh ? Even way over here in New Zealand I've managed to meet a few :)

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