Sunday, May 3, 2015

Back from PaleoFx 2015 -awesome trip - a few photos

Mark Sisson
 I had an awesome time at PaleoFx 2015.

In this order

1. The people
2. The lectures
3. The food
4. Austin

So much fun. So many good lectures. I've got several blog posts lined up, but less time for blogging since I traveled for work immediately after the PaleoFx conference.

Terry Whals!
 Also, today marks 4 years since I started abstaining from most processed sugars*  I still have a few squares of 85% Dark Chocolate per day, with good results.

As I was packing to go to PaleoFx 2015, I went to a regular grocery store. The candy lining the asile caught my eye. It really hit me that I've totally chosen a different life and different outcome for my health by stopping processed sugar and grains.

I choose this, indeed!!!

Some photos from the conference until I get back to regular life this week.

Dean Dwyer contrasted and compared my habits with his- honored for the mention.

Panel discussion- PaleoFx 2015

Panel discussion PaleoFX 2015

Nora Gedgaudas- I want her hair!!!

Austin State Capitol Building

Deviled eggs at 24 Diner, Austin

Shrimp salad during lunch break at PaleoFx 2015- JAX

Black Bullet Proof coffee- strong stuff!


  1. I am seeing and feeling the benefits of the diet for a long time now. Not only have I lost weight, but I feel much more energised, and much better in myself. I think the reason is that whilst the paleo diet may be a diet, I do actually eat much much varied food than I did previously. All I've done is taken out the stodge that my body finds hard to digest, and added more types of fruit, veg, and indeed meat.

    I've now actually taken an interest in cooking paleo meals, which I can guarantee is 100% better than throwing some ready meals in the oven like I used to.

    I've just reviewed a cookbook that shows exactly this:

  2. Great pictures, Karen--especially the one of you! Glad you enjoyed yourself and looking forward to your posts!

  3. So glad you had an awesome time.

    Pictures look great - and so do you.

    Look forward to hearing more

    All the best Jan

  4. Glad you enjoyed. Paleo became too commercial and too,far from real food in my opinion. How is bullet proof coffee presented at Paleo conference? How can bars be Paleo. Paleofication of SAD foods is just sad and I am disappointed the leaders of Paleo movement who are not speaking against it. I know you Karen eat really simple food.

  5. Thanks for sharing pics from the conference. I'm looking forward to your posts about it.

  6. This all looks like something I would have enjoyed!! Nora is wearing the same jacket she wore when I saw her/met her (I had a little chat to her). That food looks great too !!