Saturday, August 16, 2014

Podcast recommendation - Tips of the Scale

I'd really like to recommend another! great weight loss and weight maintenance podcast- Tips of the Scale.

The podcast interviewer, Sam Lomeli, asks the very deep questions of long term maintainers and others who have had to navigate a lot of personal road blocks to achieving long term weight maintenance.

Here's the link in iTunes

There's also a 1 million download challenge. 999,999 by 9/9/2014.

I'm off to download a few episodes and listen while I get some home projects done this weekend. I really do enjoy hearing how others have overcome obstacles to reaching their long term weight loss and weight maintenance goals.

It reminds me I am not alone and I can appreciate different ways of arriving at the same place.
 I listened to Heather's episode (Half Size Me- Heather) and really enjoyed it. Episode #81
Let me know if you have some favorite episodes. 


  1. Always nice to know thoughts and recommendations.

    Good luck with your 'home projects' hope all goes well.

    Take Care and ......

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan! Podcasts get me through ALL home tasks.. :)