Sunday, August 31, 2014

Molly Galbraith - Body Acceptance- Summer Shorts 2014, #4 -youtube video

I love Molly Galbraith's take on body acceptance.

Here are my "notes" below:

From someone who has been all over the scale, this is worth 20 minutes. Great messaging- IMO.

Pick one trait: When I lost weight, I don't look like the super skinny minnie's. That's okay, I'm the short curvy one with a little lose skin and stronger muscles. I'll take that.

Food as fuel: Yes, as long as it doesn't trigger. And, not using food to "numb out"

Find your must have: Good quality fat- avocado, coconut oil, etc.

Aesthetic goals: my strength training is for my bone health, it gives me a nice look, too- IMO.

Scale: doesn't make me crazy, I use it as a tool. Photos, too.

Measures: Water jug at work!!,  Inflammation- hs-CRP is low,

Other people: If people say bad things about you, it's about how they think about yourself.

Train because you love your body: for me, I love my bones and good bone health.

Start on this blog post if you do the 28 day love your body challenge


  1. I particularly like this one ...."Find your must have: Good quality fat- avocado, coconut oil, etc."

    All the best Jan

    1. Yes!!! Must have good quality fats... makes a huge difference in my mood, and in my body.

  2. Karen, I love your advice...keep it coming and one of these days my thick head will take every word to heart and follow it instead of bits and pieces. I do not have a post surgery support group, so if you know someone who may have resources in that area, please let me know. Yep, we are working to clear out the kitchen and stocking up on the real foods (mostly proteins and veggies). Time to get back to the grind!

    1. Try these sources.
      The World According to Egg Face (blog- she's very connected to the post surgery world)
      Sassy Sleevers- Amy's very active in the post surgery world
      My Tiny Tank- Also very connected in the post surgery world.

      At one of these resources- one of these ladies or their readers, will have some recommendations on a private facebook groups where you can get and give support. There will be people at various stages. Be SURE to connect to some of the people who are years out from their surgery- and successful, And/or relapsed, but back at or near their goals.

      I've not had surgery, but participate in several private FB groups- so I can get and give support. Emotional eating /Binge eating is not cured, but in remission, waiting for its return... Surgery or no... Good luck!!! :)