Saturday, August 9, 2014

Two and a half years of weight maintenance - what's working!

May 2011 to August 2014
 2.5 years. August 2014 update

This is the post where I document where I am, post weight loss. If you don't like talk about weights and the scale, weight graphs, before and after weight loss photos, skip this post. For the rest of you.... the details.

Highest weight : 187.4
Current weight : 117.0
Goal weight range: 113-118
Feb 2012 to August 2014- two and a half years!
Time at goal: 2 and a half years
Height 5'1"
Age :48
Menopause: yes, second year

Two and a half years.
The longest time I've gone at one stable weight since I was six years old. 40 years of searching for a stable weight. I'm felling pretty accomplished right now.

I had been trending a little higher in my weight maintenance range  on and off in 2014. I decided to do try two big things that turn out to be related. Not necessarily weight related... But I do feel better doing both things.

1. Track food at My Fitness Pal every day, no matter what. I really want to see what my carb range is. Keeping my carb range between 40-50 grams per day. ( from non starchy vegetables, occasionally berries, and a small amount of 85% chocolate)

2. Try to get as much sleep as I can each night. It means I cut my internet surfing down, put down projects, sleep in a little if possible on days off work.

As it turns out, if I keep my carbs in the 40-50 ish range ( more on super active days) , I can and do sleep extra well. I naturally get sleepy, fall asleep quick and wake up just before my alarm felling well rested. There's definitely a carb and good sleep connection.

Is that effecting my weight? Who knows but it probably won't hurt me. I feel great most days. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the last 6 months or so.  Eliminating my trigger foods and high carb processed foods has really helped me from having very few binge thoughts. It's a nice relief.

I wouldn't say things are always easy, but setting up consistent habits, my current food template, daily weighing , and tracking when needed are all routine now. Easier than I thought. Much easier than gaining it back again.  Food tastes great, I feel full after and between meals. 

Easy is relative. Weight maintenance takes day in day out, meal in meal out work. Onward!

What's working now 
1. Lower carb Paleo-ish food template
2. Being tough about my food choices
3. Eating for fuel for my body and not out of emotions, feeling my feelings
4. Prioritizing sleep by staying off the electronic grid, kicking the cats out of my sleeping area

What didn't work in the past

1. Eating processed and/or higher carb foods ( yes, even fruit, it's not free for me)
2. Eating according to what everyone else deemed popular ( candy topping on frozen yogurt , energy bars , dried fruit on oatmeal, moderate cupcakes= binge filled says and nights + doughy body)
3. Numbing out tough emotional time, with sweets or wheat
4. Letting other priorities and nocturnal cat shenanigans interrupt my sleep.


  1. Karen are a star.

    I have always liked how you clearly set things out, and whether people are new to your blog or like me have been around a short while it is always very helpful.

    I have been living the LCHF lifestyle for over six years now and just wouldn't live my life any other way. Yes, first introduced to me because my husband a Type 2 diabetic researched and found how by living the LCHF lifestyle dramatically improved and kept his blood sugar numbers to that of a non diabetic.

    I now have five pointers to my life:
    1. I eat low carb - between 30 and 50 per day.
    2. I eat moderate protein.
    3. I eat high fat.
    4. I exercise regularly.
    5. I establish a good sleep pattern.

    Some of the foods I eat include Meat, Fish, Dairy, Non Starchy vegetables, berries such as raspberries, blueberries, butter, cream, avocado's .......there is so much good choice.

    I stay clear of processed foods and do not eat pasta, cereals etc.

    Great post Karen keep up your great work.

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan

    1. Jan, thank you!! I'm so thankful that there are others who have gone before me and are writing about it. So true. I wouldn't live life any other way!

  2. It is definitely working! Very cool that you have found a way to keep a nice, steady weight for so long (and into the future).

    1. Lyn, Yes. I think that this way of eating and living is a good match for my life right now. It's become automatic.

  3. Congratulations! You are such a great role model, too!

  4. wow that is awesome. I have never been able to maintain a low carb diet. I get such a sick feeling when I go below 50 carbs. I have tried it several times. Great!!! awesome success!!! congrats

    1. Hi Karla. I started my carbs pretty high. 120 grams a day. I adjusted down to 45-50 over two years time. I realized I sleep like a baby when my carb range is dialed in for my life. That keeps me motivated to stay on track. That and the health benefits of the weight loss and the time away from the emotional eating.

  5. That's awesome!! I'm following a very similar eating style. One question - are you talking net carb or total carb in your carb count?

    Congrats on the long-term maintenance - it's quite an accomplishment and a model for the rest of us.

    1. Thanks Lucky Mama. Total carbs. 40-50. Sometimes higher. I can't get below 42 grams a day after eating all the veggies that I eat.