Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weigh-In & starting to weigh more often-Manitoba!

Okay. Week 25 weigh in  was okay.  1.6 pounds lost , 49.6 pounds lost total
Ave weight lost per week is 1.984 pounds.

Not bad! I'm so close to 50 pounds I can taste it almost not wait to weigh-in, so I'm going to mid-week.

Each week when I weigh in, there is a state map on the wall. I look squarely at the part of Canada, Manitoba, and Lake Winnepeg. So I say to myself- MANITOBA, and look down at the scale.

Now that I'm getting closer to transition and maintenance, I'll be weighing in more often.  At least it's recommended by the book Refuse to Regain, by Barbara Berkeley, MD. And using to track my weight and food, it will be easy to do.

So, I'll be moving my scale upstairs tonight. I'll have to find some fun travel pictures of places I want to go to put up on the wall where I'll be weighing.  So long , Manitoba, Lake Winnepeg, and  Canada. Those 25 weeks and almost 50 pounds have been a great journey.

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