Saturday, October 29, 2011

Week 26 weigh in one day early

Weigh in was one day early. I lost 1.8 for a grand total of 51.4.   Very good.  

  • I don't do it often, but I had some yummy tiger prawns from Costco last night for my Lean and Green. 
  • About 10 tiger prawns made 7 oz pan grilled, in 1 tsp sesame oil . I added Mrs. Dash- fiesta lime and a little bit of lime juice. 
  • Half cup of sauteed mushrooms with a clove of garlic and half a cup of red bell pepper
  • One cup romaine with one TBS of Girard's Light Champagne dressing

I'll be trying a clothing trade with a local shop today. Hopefully, they will take some of my nicer clothes in place of my bigger work tops. I will be able to pick from some nice small sized tops for work and I'll swap some clothing without having to spend a lot of $$.

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