Saturday, September 7, 2019

Voice of My Readers- Food Addiction Vs Weight Maintenance Sept 2019

Hello All,

Quick check in with my readers.

Background Info: 
1. I'm about to dive in super deep on studying food addiction.
2. There is a lot of overlap between food addiction and weight maintenance

Question for my readers:

A. Would it benefit THIS blog- to keep it focused on weight maintenance with links to food addiction?

My Why's:  Insurance Discount for Weight Maintenance and Health Risk Reduction = My Best Life

Girl's gotta get her insurance discount and keep her risks low for future avoidable illness.  Plus, I like the mental clarity of Food Addiction Remission. Just to live my best life.

Another Why: Potential Side Hustle:

As of early September 2019: I still remain non-commercial, although I may, very soon get a very small payment for some food addiction work. It hasn't happened yet, although I'd love to keep my weight maintenance resources with links to a new Karen Parrott's Food Addiction page.

My Plan is to link over to a page about Food Addiction with full disclosure on Conflict of Interest (COI).

Comment in the links below. Moderation is on, so if you leave a comment that is constructive, I will post it. :)

Next Steps:

I'll be reading this text book, and taking notes. :) Continued Education is key for wellness- IMO.

Process Food Addiction Text Book, Dr Joan Ifland

Proof of Weight maintenance
Long Term Weight Maintenance graph


  1. Hi Karen,

    I like your perspective as a weight-loss maintainer, even though it is completely different from mine.

    I do not identify as a food addict. I lost weight several years ago and maintained it for about 7 years back then. 7 years of misery filled with hunger, coldness, depression and obsession with food. I understand now that this "starvation syndrome" is the expected, normal outcome after sizable weight loss (for most people, most of the time).

    Thankfully, your experience is different. I think.

    As far as I know, with addiction, when someone abstains, their cravings (for drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.) go diminishing over time. With weight loss however, the more someone loses weight, the more their body fights back, and the more they get hungry and preoccupied with food.

    On that basis, I am inclined to believe that food addiction and obesity and two completely different issues. Sure, they may overlap in some individuals, but they should be considered two different diseases with two different treatments.

    Does that mesh with you experience at all?
    What about other maintainers you know?

    Thanks for your time,


  2. I am definitely a good addict...and it does affect losing AND maintenance!!! I have my upcoming doctors appointment to sign the paperwork for the appeal so I can pay the lower insurance rates through my work!