Saturday, April 20, 2019

Food Sober Spring Holiday Weekend- 8th year in a row!!!

This is my 8th year in a row in my food sober Easter/Spring Holiday weekend.

Photos of what I'm doing. This is what works for me. Endorphins and avoiding T2D. Saying yes to meat and veg. Brings a lot better life to living.

Getting high on flowers not food!

Food sober glucose readings

Mild Keto for the WIN!!!

Pokemon > Peeps 

Me: Where are my glasses? Cat: OMG I see wrinkles!

There is life beyond the Easter Junk, I promise. If you are mid PEEP and Jelly Belly Binge, set down that crap and step outside the cycle.

What didn't work for me: Food addiction kills and causes emotional and physical pain. Sure getting food high was "fun" but nearly eating myself to death really didn't work.

Food sober living has it's good and bad. My life is a whole lot better outside the cycle. Onward and step out, when you are ready.

Please know if you are abstaining from Easter or Passover or ANY holiday foods, you are not alone.
Onward and here's to finding your endorphins outside the cycle of addiction.


  1. Happy Easter, Karen! Enjoy your day! I'm abstaining, too. I'm 13 months into eating no grains, almost a year into eating no dairy (dropped it last summer whereas I dropped grains last March), and eating very limited sugar (in the form of some fruit and 85 and 90 percent dark chocolate). I'm not going back! Love the picture of you and your cat!

    1. LOL!! Debated posting it but the one cat is so funny. I decided I must. Yep!!! Now knowing how good the food tastes and how good I feel. I'm not going back either. Nice to be on weight maintenance island. I eat blueberries (only when I'm not trying to lose weight- so maintenance only) and I do eat some 85% chocolate sometimes. 72% on holidays with no binge urges.

      Happy Spring! Happy Easter. Glad you are in a good space.From my taste testing the brisket is going to be fab for today's Easter meal.

  2. Good job on another food sober holiday!

    1. Quick question for you MaryFran. Are you in maintenance? Also are you low carb? Thanks in advance.

  3. Great job! I went to an Easter luncheon and of course had no sugar...there was a lot of it!
    Being food sober gives us such great energy to tackle the sugared up millions!

    1. Yayyyy! I got a little hypnotized by the jelly beans for a while, but I realized I was staring and stopped. LOL Yes! Energy and patience. I'm full of energy but running out of patience.

      I did have a fantastic convo about a person who grew up in South America- equator close. Great stories about tropical fruit. My ancestors came from Europe not close to anything but stone fruit and berries. I also noticed body comp differences of the vegans vs meat eaters. Interesting. Age also plays a part.

  4. Hi Karen, sounds like you have/are winning this battle. I have lost about 7 lbs, this time. Maybe 3 more to go and having anxiety about maintaining the loss. I have goats so eat a lot of raw goat products. Trying to stay lower on the sugar but still consuming. Eating grains but working on moderation. Working to prevent over eating. When it tastes good, it is hard to stop.

    Any suggestions you have for someone struggling?

    I did loose 12 lbs 8 years ago and kept it off 5 years. Now these last 3 years have been 5 up, 5 down, 8 up, 5 down. Fruatrating!


    1. Gina, see my reply below.

    2. Most of my maintainer friends use a glucose meter to determine what foods keep their glucose in type 2 diabetes range and then eliminate those foods. When I went into maintenance, I could have been a thin type 2, but I eliminated most fruit due to super high glucose readings.

  5. I have boat loads of Long Term Maintainer friends on social media. So let my next post feature them. Give me a week or two or at least until the week of July 4th. Will do a blog post here.

    You'll HAVE to address the anxiety (your choice on tool/method) or you will get YOU and cycle back- just my 2 cents here and 40 years of experience. My food addiction wanted to kill me in destructive thoughts, so does anxiety and binge eating It's painful, I know. But it's a problem that CAN be solved if you find the right tools and support and do the work involved- in my experience.

    My best advice is to do an elimination diet (you pick), then add in one by one- ID the addictive food, remove it. Repeat. It will likely take several cycles. I recommend The Whole 30- Melissa Hartwig. Moderating a binge food for me created anxiety, weight gain and another food addiction cycle. Food addiction was more painful for me than the work that The Whole 30 took.

    Onward and change your cycle. Let us know how it's going. Get into a support group on whatever elimination plan you choose.