Saturday, June 15, 2019

Long Term Weight Maintenance check in June 219 keeping 65 pounds OFF!

Hello All,

Long time no post. Dudes (In SoCal, everyone is a Duuuuuude) , I can post once a month. Let that be my goal this year. LOL. Catch me over on Instagram (link to the right on my profile)

 Photos, updates and what's working now. Short story, I'm staying very stable within my maintenance range. That's a real win!

May 2011 and May 2019

May 2011 and May 2019

Keeping 65.6 pounds off for Since Feb 3, 2012

What's working now

1. Prioritizing red meat, with vege. This brings Zero binge urges and accurate hungry and full signals.
2. Managing stress. Yeah, May was higher stress zone, but that happens. Red meat has my nerves calm, cool, and happy. There's definitely a connection for me. #yes2meat
3. Abstaining from binge foods and high inflammatory foods (NO grains, sugar, nuts, dairy)
4. Vacation time. I had some in May and it was fantastic. And playing pokemon means socializing.

What didn't work in the past

1. Eating fake meat, meat substitutes, tofu and trying to bulk up my stomach with veggies. NOPE! But hey, it fit my WW points and that was key no matter how terrible I felt. I weep for the old me.
2. I would soothe with candy and junk food. Didn't work and I was miserable. And 70 pound overweight.
3. Ate in moderation. This is a big NOPE in food addiction recovery. I stopped kidding myself.
4. Vacation time is about the same, although I can hike further and don't eat my binge foods while on vacation, so no guilt, just happy travels. And visiting with people in real life is just memorable and fun.

Goals this month: Start to get into a home body weight routine. Push ups, planks, etc.
That's it. Staying food sober, day in and day out. No excuses. Onward and hope you are all well

Graphs, then funny photos. Scroll down.

Keeping a nice maintainable weight range 

last 2 months, more of the same

One month! 

get used to the SAME stuff 

PRO TIP: Ribeye is on sale. $4.99 and ground beef. Found some on quick sale for $3.00 per pound. Not grass fed, do care but need to prioritize my bills to keep my body and finances well. 

$4.99 per pound ribeye!!! Stater Bros.

My cat when I cook Ribeyes!

Me when I play community day on Pokemon!


  1. Good to hear all is well - I did check in the other day and saw it had been a long time since you updated. Sadly many who stop updating have fallen off the wagon but happily that hasn't happened to you (and I'm sure won't happen!). I'm not as paleo/low carb as I once was but certainly enough to maintain my weight. Old habits are way too dangerous!

  2. Great job on the continued maintenance.

    I had to chuckle on your list of what doesn’t work...eating fake meats and trying to fill up on veggies. Years ago when I was doing weight watchers (successfully also) I would eat a yogurt every day at lunch. One day I sat there and said out loud ‘I hate yogurt’ My lunch buddies looked at me and said ‘but maryfran, you eat yogurt every day’. That day I realized that eating yogurt was just putting a bad taste into my head about living healthy. I promptly changed my lunch and haven’t eaten yogurt since...