Saturday, January 19, 2019

Local NSNG meet up and please follow Jill on a Journey, another great weight maintainer!

Hello blog readers!

There is a NSNG San Diego Meet Up soon. So if you want to watch the fun, be sure to follow Jill on a Journey.



Of course also follow my account on Instagram for more NSNG meet up fun

YO!!!!   Some peeps and hashtags to follow and use

For those of us who do well on low, yet some carbs

And for those of us who were sick not eating meat and need meat (for me meat off the bone for stopping binge urges and morbid obesity)

Vinnie Tortorich- NSNG  #NSNG  Fat Documentary

Anna Vocino- Cookbook author- EAT HAPPY #eathappy

Here's to new friends, NSNG and more weight maintainer awesomeness.

Blog post on the NSNG meet up soon.

PS- if anyone is blowing sustainability of low carb, NSNG, Paleo, Keto, Primal up your WAZOO, then please share my blog, my twitter, and my blog post with them.

I'm about 10 days or so from 7 years of sustainable living in mild keto. YO! #yes2meat #NSNG

My graph does not lie. Normal BMI's for almost 7 years. Previously morbidly obese or yo-yo dieting 40 years

For some of us, it's the answer to our best lives. Not all. Make it an option for exploring. If it doesn't work, move along. If it does work, welcome!


  1. You know me--I always comment on your posts! Have fun at your meet up. It sounds fun. Your instagram account is one of the few I check frequently (I have really tried to stay away from a lot of social media lately), but I LOVE seeing your recipe ideas. I learned from you the technique of using broccoli slaw as a base on which to put my meat (sort of like using a substitution for spaghetti), and I love that you eat simple, real food. So much in the keto/low carb world today is about making complicate recipes, and I don't have time for that.

    Enjoy today! (Meanwhile where I live, we are in the midst of our big snowstorm, and I will be going nowhere. Lol!)

    1. Ali, I'm super glad you comment on my posts. LOL. Blogging is so out, but IG and Snap is so much easier. I have a ton of house work, projects and other things to do- sea glass hunting YES! but I do try to sit down once a week and hammer out a post. Oh boy! those snow storms. I don't miss them.

      Great meet up great people. So good to meet loacl NSNG fans. They are all fabulous. NSNG is one of of the easiest Paleo/Primal/Low Carb/LCHF/ Keto on ramps out there. Free. I've got to talk about it more

      Take care and safe travels to you. I'll never forget hauling rear into the hospital to try to make it on time to work to give the night shift a break and spinning my car wildly on black ice in foggy conditions. Tough stuff.