Sunday, August 27, 2017

Summer Weight Maintenance resource applied- Amy Berger, Tuit Nutrition Lowering Fat on LCHF

Oceanside, CA August 2017 #walkingforweightmaintenance

Update : I'm off playing in the So. Cal Summer Sun  working on the final stage of summer travel and not Intermittent fasting (which lead to the weight gain, likely) weight gain reversal.  Well, truth be told, I'm doing both.  Walking is a tool. So is reducing dietary fat- while remaining low carb higher fat. 

More reading from an expert: Amy Berger, Tuit Nutrition, has great blog and podcast content. I haven't read her book yet, but it's on my to read list. Here's her blog for more awesome LCHF reading   


What's working
My Applied Weight Maintenance tool:  I'm not WW low fat, just LCHF Lower fat. Oh, and I'm still Keto because I fast 17:7 daily AND eat LCHF. I find both helpful tools for weight loss near goal weight tool.  

Most of my blog readers know how hard it is to lose weight close to goal. 

1. Why: When I go much over my best weight maintenance goal weight, my body wants to go higher, and higher and higher in weight. My fat wants to come back after I lost 72 pounds lost in 2011 to 2012. 

40 years of morbid obesity, overweight and yo-yo dieting is no joke.  My weight regain is rapid and very unforgiving after a certain body weight. 

2. Why Health Insurance Discount is in 1-2 months. Weighed, measured, and biomarkers. This will be my 7th year of having to have my body measured for my discount. It is what it is. Keeps me on the straight and narrow, for sure. 

June-Aug 2017, weight gain trend reversal

Knowing what to adjust in my food template is gold!

2011 to 2017 #weightmaintenance

What didn't work for me in the past

1. Eating too much dietary fat, while even low carb. See that bump on the second graph, right hand side? Yeah. IF helped, so did matching my protein grams closer to my fat grams. NOT Low fat. Lower fat.

2.  I would have been diagnosed as a pre Type 2 Diabetic (which is T2D) in 2011 had I not been looking. Covering up my metrics was a way to sit on the couch with a skinny cow ice-cream studded with M&M's and watch The Biggest Loser. Points on Point, morbid obesity and T2D, not so much!

I could run, but I could not hide. 
Hope your summer is ending well and my heart goes out to my Texas readers.  Work like a super Ninja if you need to reverse a trend. At any re-gain stage. I hope you'll give Amy's blog a regular read.


  1. As always, helpful tips. I am going to keep reading Amy's blog. I really liked the post you linked. Really good stuff.

    1. Ali, I'm glad you are checking her out. Several of my FB regular readers are checking her writings out, too. Rather than be confused or stalled out and give up, I give kudos to each and every reader for fine tuning and customizing what works for them in this world of too much info.

      I think back in the world of 2012 where there were just a few advocates out there- Robb Wolf, Sarah Fragoso, and Nom Nom Paleo and using what they spoke about to the best of my ability.

      Now more options (like IF or Protein Sparing Modified Fastig (check out Ted Naiman, MD))- we can do a best fit senario. Those folks like you and Vickie are gold. Those who continue to fine tune, critically think.

      Real leaders in the space. Here's to strength to my other readers who continue to learn, fine tune and customize for their best weights, fight regain, and look into best biomarkers, too!!!