Friday, September 1, 2017

Telling my story via Carole Freeman, Keto Carole at Low Carb USA 2017, Part 2- youtube inteview

Telling my story

A huge thank you to Carole Freeman of Keto Carole for the interview at Low Carb USA 2017. Carol interviewed me and Jaydeep Bhuta ( a 100+ pound vegan keto weight maintainer).

Keto Chat, Episode 59 Low Carb USA San Diego 2017

Be sure to connect with Carole Freeman, who also holds masters in Phycology AND Nutrition at her site

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Kudos to Carole and good luck speaking at KetoCon this weekend in Austin, Texaas. Carol is eating some Austin BBQ in my honor

Kudos to Low Carb USA San Diego 2017 for hosting us in the best view conference room that I've ever seen!!! Being able to look out onto the Broadway Pier and the harbor life kept me calm, cool and collected. :)

I was looking at an iPad screen and the flashing lights on the MeVo during the interview so my looking down was my curiosity getting to me. LOL.

Have a listen and thank you for allowing me to tell my story Carole!!!

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