Thursday, May 5, 2016

Keeping the weight off is not impossible, but you'll need the right for you tools.... Refuse to Regain

I'm short, and I'm short on time, so my 4 year, 3 month up date for weight maintenance will be soon.

Dr. Berkeley, MD has great points, as usual.  If you yourself are losing weight or have friends or family members who struggle with weight maintenance, please share Dr. Berkeley's book

Refuse To Regain

Here's a link to her blog and most recent post about the Biggest Loser news.

You don't have to regain the weight, but you will have to do a lot of work to experiment. Experiment of yourself- AKA n=1. Once I adapted Dr. Berkeley's 12 rules to my own body (I can't have lactose, for example, but I can be grain and legumes, I can weigh daily) well, after 40 years, 4 decades, I have had great success.

Please know you are not alone in the process to weight maintain. Please know that it's likely possible. Uncover your root causes. That will keep you practicing corrective and preventive actions.

Life is easier, less emotional and physical pain because I adapted Dr. Berkeley's 12 rules. You'll need to adapt the rules to your genetics and your life. Be king or queen of your weight maintenance.

It's so worth the effort, you are worth it. We are all worth it.

May 2011 and May 2016- I refused to regain!


  1. Yes to all of this, Karen. I agree that Dr. Berkeley has some wise advice. You have to be willing to change things up, and you have to be so careful about what you eat. This does not mean deprivation though I know so many people who think a life without grains and S foods is deprivation. I can only tell people about what I do, but many think a lower carb (and I am not even talk low carb like you because I am not fully there yet) is unsustainable. And they continue to have minimal results. I see it a lot! And the sad thing is that if they really adopted Dr. Berkeley's methods--or similar methods--they would have more success, and they might even be able to have a treat each day because Dr. Berkeley allows for that. Anyway, thanks for this post.

  2. Well said and very diplomatic.

  3. Thank you Vickie and Ali. I can assure all my readers the only thing I am depriving myself of is the "victim" poor, poor me mode.. LOL. My food tastes great and I feel full and satisfied. Yes, If large medical institutions, say Kaiser, Scripps, gave out Dr. Berkeley's book, they could boast about huge successes in weight maintenance- IMO.

    We just don't have the right tools available right now. Lots of changes need to happen, but I hope sooner rather than later- because we all pay for epidemics and pandemics. In our health insurance. Most do NOT want to be obese if they could choose a normal or lower weight. The advice I've gotten is just backwards and harmful. It's sad.