Sunday, May 15, 2016

A bouquet of flowers to the Paleo Fire Fighter - We are stronger in our Tribe #1

A bouquet of flowers to one of "my tribe"- The Paleo Fire Fighter

  the @paleofirefighter on Instagram.

  • great coffee photos
  • great paleo meals
  • great example of a very active person keeping balance- fire fighter, paramedic, gardener
  • great example of a first responder keeping a food template that will keep him well
  • No doubt an influencer with his co-workers
  • great community member , helps his family organic  farm in Maine Wildfirefarm1

I've got to say that the Paleo Fire inspires me to brew coffee by hand and try different methods.

 If ever I feel down about fake food, the state of younger people only eating fast food, my faith is restored again after a few minutes checking out his instagram feed.

Bravo. We are stronger in our tribe. Kudos and please follow the Paleo Firefighter on instagram, and his family farm, too.

I've got a huge list of my personal favorite Paleo, primal, and real foods, and some weight maintainers, too. (lower on the real foods or paleo junk foods and less commercial) people that I plan to feature once a week or so. 


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